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I go into movies like this with an open mind and low expectations. I just want to be entertained. Wrong Turn and its sequels are by no means perfect movies but they have always held my interest so when I heard they were making a sixth one (I really enjoyed the fifth) I was very excited. After finally getting it on netflix, I ran to my X-box, put it in and hit play. This was a terrible mistake!

Wrong Turn 6 revolves around some friends that go to visit a hotel that one of them had inherited in Virginia. This concept is not too bad... The movie, however, is. Not only did I hate most of the characters but the backwoods hicks I had grown to love now cause me to cringe with fright. This is not out of fear, this is out of pain for seeing such poor characters that I had once enjoyed. The minute you would begin to enjoy a character, they would do something stupid or just staight up die making you feel stupid for showing interest.

This entry just did not feel the same. I think it is great to try new things in a franchise with so many entries but I would at least enjoy a cohearent story or something that isn't just, "Hey, let's throw Wrong Turn on there to make some more money!" They also try to use humor as most entries do. It would have been nice if they did not use the same joke 547 times! And it wasn't even funny the first time! If they didn't even intend it to be funny then it was just unneccesary. This is entire movie was unneccesary! At least, the way it was presented was.

A different story or just a simple rewrite would have improved this movie immensly! I know they like to pump these out as fast as possible to maximize profits, but I read they only spent $1,200,000. This seems like a lot but DVD sales on this franchise can climb near $10,000,000 allowing for budgets to be three times that. With a higher budget, a better story could likely be produced which in turn would appease fans and probably their own pockets a lot more.

Now the ending is meant to provide for a possible (likely) Wrong Turn 7 but it does not seem to be at all interesting to me. It will most likely just be a simple borrowing of the hillbilly characters like many of the sequels and I really hope it is. I really hope they don't bring back Anthony Ilott's character, Danny, because I found him to be annoying and his character along with the movie left a bad taste in my mouth.

Not all hope is lost! The next movie could easily rebound with a new story and I may again love this franchise. Now Wrong Turn 6 was one of the worst horror movies I've seen in a long time so one more bad entry and I could abandone ship for a while if they do not fix the Wrong Turn brand with Part 7. There's always hope!

I hope you enjoyed this review and thank you for reading! This is my first one so feel free to leave feedback so I can improve on my form! Anything good or bad is helpful and my feeling won't get hurt. I am an aspiring film maker who watches to learn from mistakes and successes that movies have so feel free to follow me on twitter ( for updates on my reviews and horror films that I currently have in the works. Thank you, again, for reading!


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