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Will Sony ever stop getting bullied? First it was the hacks, then the being forced to cancel and then eventually digitally distribute their film, then came the recent PSN hacks! Now Sony is again in hot water, and surprise surprise, it's because of the The Interview!

"Oh. Our bad."
"Oh. Our bad."

So what's the problem this time? Well The Interview has recently made its way to South Korea; you know, the chiller and less strict younger brother of North Korea. The home of everyone's favorite "mother father gentleman", Psy?

This guy!
This guy!

Well reportedly, two K-pop artists, named Tiger JK and Yoon Mi-rae, and their agency FeelGhoodMusic said in a press release that the duets song, "Pay Day" was featured in the film, but that a contract allowing permission to use the song was never signed. I'm all for rights and making sure you have the rights for using a song, but the thing that troubles me the most is that only about 10 to 15 seconds of the song are used.

That doesn't make it ok to use it without permission, but come on! Hasn't Sony been through enough? Nevertheless, Sony's still in the wrong here as there were discussions to use the song, but they fell through. Tiger JK and Yoon were also skeptical about using their song in such a controversial film. DFSB, the agency that handled talks regarding music for Sony is being taken to court by FeelGhoodMusic. You can read all about it at Hollywoodreporter by clicking this link here

So what do you think? Should they sue Sony? Or just leave them alone?


Should FeelGhoodMusic Sue Sony?


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