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With the Shazam movie coming out in 2019 and Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson casted as Black Adam, I wondered who could play the rest of the Marvel family. There is only a small chance that these characters would even be portrayed on the big screen, but if they were, these actors would be who I want to play this magical family.

Shazam (Captain Marvel)

For Shazam I chose the 'Mentalist' actor, Owain Yeoman. He has proven himself to be a capable actor in 'The Mentalist' and has the look to match the character. I can definitely see him play a man-child character with ease. The only problem with him so far is that he is a little small compared to the hulking Rock. If he could bulk up a little, there wouldn't be a problem with this choice.

Billy Batson

For the role of Billy Batson, I have chosen the young, but talented actor, Nolan Gould. He has shown that he isn't just some child actor in 'Modern Family' and can easily play either the good hearted pre-new 52 Billy or the mean spirited Batson of the new 52.

Mary Marvel

I casted Hayley Orrantia for the role of Mary Marvel. She started out on the X Factor US, but went on to gain a leading role on 'The Goldbergs' and there she has proved to be a very talented actress. She has the look and the acting ability to pull off the role of Mary Marvel.

Captain Marvel Jr.

This choice was surprisingly the hardest and in the end I'm not even completely won over by my choice. I ended up landing on Adam Brody. He is a very talented actor, but I'm not sure about his physique and voice. Knowing that, I do believe he would do the role justice.

Shazam (Wizard)

To be honest Michael Gambon wasn't my first choice. That honour went to Ian McKellen, but seeing as how already portrayed Magneto, he would not be up for this role. My second choice was Christopher Lee, but he's almost 100 so I wouldn't be surprised if he cannot commit to the role. So what do you do when you can't cast Gandalf or Saruman, you cast Dumbledore. I know that Gambon would nail the role even if it's a small one.


Well that was my fan cast for the Marvel family. I highly doubt that this will be the cast, but a man can dream. Tell me what you think of my decisions and if you agree or not. Also tell me who you would cast instead of these actors if you don't.


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