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Hey there everybody, it's my first time so hope it goes well. now coming to the review, the reason i chose to review The Amazing Spiderman is because this movie hurt me! Why because this movie shatters all my beliefs in Peter Parker's life. I personally like MJ over Gwen Stacy because i grew up with that version of spiderman. Secondly, Peter's parents, i mean as we all know in the previous trilogy of The Spiderman, Peter had no clue of his parents, he just lived with his uncle and aunt but in TAS we come to know the Peter's dad was a scientist of some sort, I mean why ruin the conventional story by giving twists in Peter's early life. Talking about Peter's early life, he was with MJ and not Gwen, and that's how on a field trip he got his powers and you know the rest. So the big conclusion is I like the actions in the movie but storywise not cool.

And I missed the clever and punny Peter Parker which you can find out in the cartoon show, The Ultimate Spiderman on Disney XD, Season 3 out now!

Also, I want Toby more than Andrew, sorry Andrew!

But hey this is what I feel about TAS feel free to type in what you want to say about this review in the comment section.

Thanks for reading my review on The Amazing Spiderman.


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