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I went in to this movie with low expectations, knowing very little about guardians of the galaxy. And me being more into the DC movies and comics i was sceptical and if your like me and your more into DC or not even really into comics, let me just say you don't need to be either of those things, this is one of those movies that you just sit down with your popcorn and switch off your brain. the definition of a summer block buster.

so the story evolves around peter quill, to whom is mother is terminally ill with cancer he stands there by her hospital watch hopelessly as she passes. so he runs out into the mist, devastated of his loss where he is greeted by a descending ship that shines a beam of light upon him,and like that he's gone, abducted from his retro 1988 days.( just to think he doesn't know what an iPod is) Anyway twenty six-years later, we now see a much older peter, played by coming to be bad-ass that is, Chris Pratt. Who comes across a mysterious orb located in the ruins of an isolated disaster struck planet high jinks ensue when one of Ronan's (the main antagonist of the film) allies "Korath" shows up demanding the orb this is where first introduced that peter seems to have created an alias for him self known as "star-lord" who is like a space version of Indiana Jones.

Chaos ensues and fate bundles four unlikely allies together. First we have "rocket" a dual gun wielding talking raccoon with major anger management voiced by non other than Bradley cooper. "Gamora" a green skinned warrior princess played by the hottie Zoe Saldana. "Groot" a talking tree-like alien whose vocabulary is limited to "i am Groot" voiced and motion captured by the iron giant himself Vin Diesel. and lastly we have "Drax the destroyer" a big green revenge bound dagger wielding piece of awesomeness yes....that is his definition and (mostly because he doesn't get metaphors! ) played by WWE star Dave Bastisa.

Gamora                           star-lord                          rocket                drax the destroyer                   groot
Gamora star-lord rocket drax the destroyer groot

The soundtrack in this movie is quite unique and memorable. Guardians of the Galaxy offers its own unique blend of retro 80s music like: i want you back by Jackson Five and Cherry Bomb by the Runaways, and obviously because Peter Quill is from that time period it makes sense director James Gunn paid homage to peters life and how the soundtrack represents him and gives the film its own original feel. Add this with some awesome acting and you have yourself an awesome set-up and tone the movie is going for.

That's not to say guardians of the galaxy doesn't haves its fair share of..... well not problems but nit picks like, how does that cassette tape that his mother gave him as a child even work after twenty six years?(what ever batteries he's using i want em! ) and you do see a few comic-book known that cant really be helped but still clichés like "oh no this character died, but oh look they're alive again" or the old reliable, "good always overcomes evil formula" but never the less when the movie thinks its going into that over-the-top cliché territory it always pulls back just in time it wont distract or spoil the movie it comes and goes within nano seconds (not really but you catch my drift)

(because other comic movies would of had them kissing by now)
(because other comic movies would of had them kissing by now)

So with marvels 2012's crowing achievement "the Avengers" grossing a massive $623,357,910 its safe to say that every movie after that has always had high expectations. The marvel cinematic universe is something that is truly legendary and is going to be lasting a very long time, and with a phase 3 line-up of movies leading all the way into 2019 its only going to get bigger and that brings me back to guardians of the galaxy. I think the reason why its getting so much praise is not because of its awesome acting , down right amazing visuals, interesting and developed characters, but because its setting the scene and sort of like the big introduction to this new phase of cinematic goodness!

marvels phase 3 line up:

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Doctor Strange (2016)

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017)

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Black Panther (2017)

Avengers: Infinity War Part I (2018)

Captain Marvel (2018)

In-humans (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War Part II (2019)

So if anyone's planning on going to see guardians of the galaxy or picking it up on DVD or Blu-ray whether your a comic fan or not a comic fan or you just like a good viewing of galactic awesomeness this is definitely one of those films that after you watch you'll be left wanting more. Its just so rich and fleshed out in explaining its universe and it makes people who have never ever seen a comic book movie in their life get a grasp into this new found world of comic movies and if a movie does that well i think that is something definitely out of this world! (pun intended)


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