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Magic in the Moonlight . 2014 . Woody Allen

When I saw the trailer for Woody Allen's next film I was really hopeful. I was hopeful to find again the magic that had bewitched me in Midnight in Paris. I'm one of those who enjoyed Midnight in Paris, and took home a good flavor of Blue Jasmine basically because Cate Blanchett is extraordinary.

Something similar happened to me after seeing Magic in the Moonlight. It felt like just another movie; average story, wonderful witty dialogues as can be expected from any other Woody Allen film, but the only thing that really made me come out with a smile was the enchanting Emma Stone and the gallant Colin Firth. The big magic in the film is THEM.

She is a force of nature, sweet, absolutely charming... A jaw-droppingly beautiful con-artist, especially in the "dance scene" where she shows the first sign of remorse and asks him if he has any kind of interest in her other than her gift... you know... as a woman...

Emma Stone is hilariously magnetic and a perfect match to Colin Firth's wickedly cynical magician. They are the essence of the film and what makes it a good 97' min plan for a Sunday afternoon.

Even if when you're 15' min into the movie you already can imagine that they're playing him, the film has interactions and characters which are a delight to watch.


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