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Augustin Lazaro

Some of Mike Myers' fans are still waiting for the sequel of his famous character, Austin Power. I heard rumors that this 4th sequel is not possible. But for me it might be. We all know that Mike Myers really wants to have a great comeback and i think making Austin Powers will make the viewers forgot his flop movie, Love Guru.

Maybe you are thinking, what is my reference for this guest. This is may reference:

Making an appearance with Dr. Evil (nemesis and brother of Austin) is a great sign & a catchy thing . Why do you aired yourself with a character that makes your viewers laugh? It is because he is advertising his up coming movie ( Even it is not yet confirmed.)

But why does Mr. Myers and the producer of the film are not confirming it yet?

According from an article, Myers are still thinking for a script for this sequel and cleaning it so it will not be a big flop like his film in 2008.

Don't worry Myers' Fans, I'm 80% sure our idol will make his sequel not only for the AP but he is planning for a Wayne's World 3.


Do you think that the Appearance of Dr. Evil in SNL is a Sign for a Austin Power 4?


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