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On December 23rd io9 released some shots of what could've been Michael Keaton's Batsuit in Batman 3. Just imagine if we had the chance to see this movie become real! José Fernandez is the sculptor of these amazing designs and the man that created Michael Keaton's previous Batsuits.

(Insert Nerdgasm)

Unfortunately, Warner Bros. had other plans and decided that "dark" doesn't sell well in Happy Meals. So they told Burton - (totally fictional dialogue), "You need to make a 90's version of the Adam West Batman, but replace the drawn on sharpie eyebrows with sexy nipples. Because kids love that stuff!" All I could imagine that there was some amount of awkward silence throughout the boardroom and then everyone agrees with the CEO so they don't get fired. "Yeah, great idea, boss! Nipples are amazing. Who doesn't love nice tits on the Bats?"

Unused suit designs for Batman Returns and Bat 3
Unused suit designs for Batman Returns and Bat 3

In all seriousness, this made my day. At least I got to see what my favorite Batman actor would have looked like in another sure to be badass movie, no doubt. I'm really digging the whole alien looking design in the first two images, while I love the utility belt in the last picture! By the way to make it clear and not to cause any confusion the entire suit would've still been entirely black just like the previous two Burton films.

Like I said, I love the designs and I want to know what are your thoughts on the designs? Let me know in the comments section.


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