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This is not a shot at Sam Silver, or is his lovely article, but the title was just an effective way to get you to click on this little article by this little guy named K1ng K0ng (get it...geeeeetttt iiiitttt?). Thanks for spending your time on my article and please let me know what you think of it in the comment section below!

It's possible that a user here on the lovely is in the process of scrolling down to the white box near the bottom of the page. This user has skipped over this article and everything I've had to say so this user could go down to that box to type a message for me and the rest of the world to see. What's the messages subject?

Saying that I'm wrong. To that person I say, "@#$% YOU!!!" Now don't worry, I'm just kidding. Let me ask you a question. Can you guess what word "@#$%" is replacing? If not you at least know what TYPE of word it's replacing correct?

The answers for both of those questions are likely "yes," unless your a dumb#%&. Kidding again, but you know what I meant by that too, didn't you? Exactly! If you don't live under a rock drenched in holy water, with a cross on top, topped off with a statue of Jesus choking a demon in the front lawn; you can understand the curse/cuss/swear words I just used, even though I censored them with those various symbols.

If you can do that you probably can do it audibly as well. Let's say your watching TV. Reality TV. A girl with a big butt and big boobs is yelling at another with the same features (naturally (well not naturally but...(ok I'll stop))) about something the producers told them to. One says "(bleep) you!" or "What the (bleep) were you thinking?" It's easy to tell what they're saying right?

Why am I going through all of this? Well it's a PERFECT segway in to my first point!

Censorship Can Be a Good Thing!

"PG-13 rated films may contain stronger language (e.g. b**ch, s**t, t*ts) and one uncensored use of the word f**k, provided that it is not used for sexual intercourse. If said expletive is spoken more than once and/or used sexually, it is routine today for a film to receive an R rating." - wikipedia

Deadpool uses expletives (though they're usually censored in comics). We all know it. We all love it. We all want it. Could PG-13 provide that? Yeah it could! PG-13 movies can use the majority of cuss words, but if the F-word is used more than twice, usually, it becomes R. In this Deadpool film we'd use something movies don't usually use. The standard censor "BLEEP" sound. How? Comedically. For example:

The "bleeping" would not be used NEARLY as much throughout the film, but would show up every now and then. Frequent enough to be a running gag throughout the film, but frequent enough so that it doesn't become annoying. Not all cuss words would be censored either. Just a few. At some point in the movie, Deadpool and the head voices would become tired of the bleeping. Finally, there'd be one moment when he drops the one F bomb they can use in the film and he'd say something like "....I said it....I wasn't bleeped...I SAID (BLEEP)" Then he'd be pissed again.

Deadpool would be the only one hearing these censors though. One interesting aspect about Deadpool is his fourth wall breaking. Not only do I want them to use that in full effect, but how others see this should be explored as well. I think other people in his world would see it as Deadpool talking to someone that isn't there. Like him carrying a conversation with his imaginary friend. I'd love there to be a shot where Deadpool is giving a monologue directly in to the camera, talking to the audience, then the shot switches. He's still talking to us, but we see it from...I don't know...Weasel's point of view, and it looks like Deadpool is bending over talking to somebody, when there's nobody there.

Camera Tricks

So yeah. You see all that blood. That wouldn't be in the film. Though it's fun to see, it's not necessary. The thing is, you all are fine with it not being present in the movie, without even knowing it. Remember that test footage for the Deadpool movie that was leaked that revitalized our faith in a D-Pizzy film starring Ryan Reynolds? Can you point the blood out to me in that when he has the severed head? You can barely see anything! Just a little bit of red underneath the neck. That's it! Everyone said "MAKE THIS MOVIE!!!" and if it was made like the test footage, it could very well be PG-13 and STILL be a success. Just watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.

You could argue that when the first guy is thrown out of the car blood comes from his head as he hits the ground. I don't believe so, but that's not a lot of blood anyway. Watch this video from the PG-13 rated films, Taken and it's sequel Taken 2. I see blood, don't you? Even in The Wolverine (2013) blood was spilled. I've seen people on THIS site say that "PG-13 films can't have blood." I beg to differ my friends!

Calm Your Tots, They've Got Home Video

Just because I'm writing this article does NOT mean I vouch for it being PG-13. I personally would prefer an R rated Deadpool, but I wouldn't be upset if they went with PG-13 (and followed this formula or something similar). If they do go PG-13, you always will have unrated DVD and Digital copies that you can see a couple months after the film's released. Rating doesn't equal quality. If it did this would be a different article.

Yeah My Time Is Up. I Know, I Know....

Thanks again for stopping by my article. Let me know what you think of my opinions and ideas in the comments, but I've observed that the comment section is not always the most popular part of the articles on Movie Pilot. No worries though. Have a good one and until next time...



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