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When I was younger, I (like many of you) would play superheroes with the other kids on my block. When girls wanted to play, they had few options to choose from. It usually came down to either Wonder Woman or Supergirl (She-Hulk also made a one-time appearance. Go figure). By the time the Justice League cartoon hit the airwaves, I was a bit too old to play make-believe, but there was one character I was introduced to that I wanted to see more of.


Strong, smart, resourceful, and beautiful without being portrayed as some sort of temptress, Hawkgirl would have been the first choice for many of us for make-believe had she been front and center when I was a kid.

Face the mace!
Face the mace!

Though Warner Brothers already announced their upcoming superhero movie slate, I believe Hawkgirl could carry her own film after that if the genre remained popular with moviegoers. What's better is that there's so many ways a Hawkgirl film could work. For example, a film starring an Earthbound Hawkgirl finding her place would be as strong as a huge intergalactic spacewar involving her home world of Thanagar. And that's just pre-Flashpoint.

Face the...OMIGAWD!
Face the...OMIGAWD!

Enter Earth 2.

The New 52's "Earth-2" comic has been one of the more interesting reads since the relaunch. Their version of Hawkgirl, a treasure hunter with a mysterious past, provides a bit more of a cleaner slate that could possibly pave the way for an adaptation.

Maybe there's room for an Earth-2 universe of films? I would be down, even if they were smaller, VOD-only properties.

"Stupid Sexy Lantern..."
"Stupid Sexy Lantern..."

Kendra Munoz-Saunders, the Earth-2 Hawkgirl, not only has the power of flight but also is a brilliant marksman and archer. With TV shows and movies like "Arrow" and "The Hunger Games" once again making bows and arrows cool, a Hawkgirl film can most definitely offer a different, but interesting perspective.


What say you? Would you watch a Hawkgirl movie?


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