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Rhiannon Hastings

As someone who doesn't always conform to what is popular, I put off watching this show for years. Then again, too many new shows kept cropping up on television that I got into.

Now that 2014 is almost over, I decided to give this show a shot. To my surprise it was more than I expected. It was a comedy show, but also a mockumentary about a family that had some heart filled moments. It is truly a show that lives up to its hype and more.

From the pilot episode to my now season two marathon (almost ready to watch season three!), I've come to realize more and more in how i can personally relate to this eclectic family dynamic. Not only have I had relatives re-marry and also a cousin who married her partner last year, but most importantly the closeness of the family was something I felt from my father's side of the family. This was more true from this past Christmas.

The realization that even though it's fictional family, it rings true in the life lessons and power dynamics of three different generations that unfold on the screen. From the father getting remarried to a younger woman, who has a son, to his own children, who have families of their own, you can see how well they all mesh together.

There is something to be said here about how the creator and the writers have formulated a perfect combinational balance of comedy and heart. It is truly rare for something like that to come together and work on the small screen. If there was any show I believe deserves more season on todays television, it is this show.


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