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Now, this is not a bash article on "The Dark Knight Rises" or "The Dark Knight". I love Batman and I am a huge fan of the entire Dark Knight Trilogy, and I believe that Christopher Nolan did an amazing job. As everyone who has seen the movie knows, Nolan truly unleashed the potential that is "Batman". He went way beyond anything Joel Schumacher had done ("Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin"), and even surpassed Tim Burton ("Batman" and "Batman Returns"). The Dark Knight trilogy literally changed my way of thinking and I hold "The Dark Knight" as the best movie ever made in my opinion.

Now, one of the saddest moments that happened in the whole of the trilogy was when Rachel Dawes died in "The Dark Knight". Rachel Dawes was a character that had never been in a live-action movie before and she really brought something new to the Batman lore rather then just being another damsel-in-distress. Not only was she Bruce Wayne's oldest childhood friend, but she was also the one woman that Bruce wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Then, in "The Dark Knight", some tension and drama is created when Harvey Dent is added in to the mix since Rachel won't be with Bruce as long as he is Batman. Eventually, Rachel gets blown up and Harvey gets half of his face burned off.

Obviously, Rachel Dawes had to die in order to make Harvey so torn apart that he becomes Two-Face. Although this was a pretty sad moment in the movie, it had to happen for future events to fall into place in "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises".

That said, wouldn't have been cool if we got to see Rachel one more time?

In "The Dark Knight Rises", maybe?

Let's jump to the third and final movie of the trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises". At the very end of the movie, after everyone thinks that Batman sacrificed himself to save Gotham and Bruce Wayne is dead, Alfred is eating at the restaurant where he sees Bruce. Now, Bruce Wayne is eating with Selina Kyle.

This part.
This part.

Well, now open your mind a little bit.

What if, instead of Selina sitting there, what if Rachel was there instead?

Now I know what you're going to say! Rachel died and we watched her die. And yes, she totally did. did Bruce Wayne.

Christopher Nolan is pretty well-known to cause controversy and mild confusion through his films, and wouldn't this cause both of those things? I mean this would unlock so many more theories about the movie. I mean, it would either mean that Alfred was going crazy or both Bruce and Rachel survived their explosions. Or they both really did die as were told they did in the movies and were...resurrected.

Resurrected, as in, Lazarus Pits. Lazarus Pits as in the thing Ra's al Ghul uses in the comics to stay alive for centuries.

And would this really cause any damage to the Dark Knight trilogy, if Rachel was still alive?


Well...would it cause a problem?


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