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If you're like me and are a rabid fan of the Original Trilogy, I'm willing to bet you're aching just as much as I am for an official glimpse of an older Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie since we were deprived of their appearances in the Episode 7 teaser trailer. Fortunately, a recent image leak via MarketSaw gives us a preview of what Han Solo and Chewbacca will allegedly look like in The Force Awakens:

Han's sense of style in the post-Death Star era looks great. He's always been the stylish rogue type to me, what with that black vest contrasted with a cream colored, deep v-neck shirt with the semi-popped, unkempt collar. Looks like Mr. Solo manages to keep his look fresh with that vest and collared shirt combination, even three decades later, by adding an overcoat and swapping out the knee-high boots and blue pants for something a bit more refined and a little less flamboyant. That said, I really love the addition of a billowy trenchcoat to his classic ensemble, as it's been known to be harshly cold out there among the stars, especially for senior citizens. It also makes him look pretty badass.

Chewie looks noticeably heavier and hefty now, as if he's put on a significant bit of weight in the past 30 years. Has he led a sedentary life after the second Death Star was destroyed, taking it relatively easy? Or is that actually built up muscle and bulk added to his frame as a result of the Wookiee's continued war effort against the remnants of the Empire? Either way, overweight or buff, Chewie still and always looks regal as hell with that magnificent coat of umber colored fur.

If these image leaks are indeed the final representation of what both Han and Chewie will look like in The Force Awakens, I'm pretty satisfied. Han still looks classic, but also new and fresh at the same time. That added "western" flair with the trenchcoat really suits the character; it makes him appear both heroic and rogue-ish at the same time. Chewie, while not too radically different, looks as if he's built like a tank now. Will we see him rip a lot more arms off in Episode 7 now that he's old and possibly grumpy? We'll see come December 18th, 2015!


How do you all feel about the new looks for Han and Chewie?


Has our favorite smuggling duo aged like fine wine?


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