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I have to say I have two very specific and favorite moments everytime I go to the movies. One of them is when the lights go slowly down and let the experience begin, it's always so exciting to me! And the second one, which happens not as often as the first, is when that song that has been stuck in my head all the weeks before watching the movie starts playing with the rolling of the final credits. In a lot of occasions, these songs are precisely ordered to famous singers as part of a huge marketing campaign previous to the realease of a very expected movie.

So, it's time to listen one last time to those amazing tracks that made us stay just a little bit longer in our seatings at cinema, while the other people were just leaving hurriedly.

10.- "Yellow Flicker Beat"

Performed by: Lorde

Featured in: The Hunger Games: Mockinjay Part One

Why loved it: Lorde has a very cinematic voice, and I think this is not the last time you'll listen to her in a cinema room. Just when you think the song is having a quiet rythm, her voice takes you to another level surprising you at the first time you hear it. And by hearing it complete you had your reward: The mockinjay in flames at the end of the credits.

9.- "Battle Cry"

Performed by: Imagine Dragons

Feautured in: Transformers Age Of Extinction

Why we loved it: Because it's the living proof that just one song can save a whole movie. Actually, since the first movie, Michael Bay has only hit in the music.

8.- "Beating Heart"

Performed by: Ellie Goulding

Featured in: Divergent

Why we loved it: It's not just an amazing song, it fits so well in with the feelings that Tris is fighting in the whole Divergent plot. Also, the videoclip is so well directed and places Goulding in this great fictional universe. In addition, Zedd's hit Clarity was used as well during the promotion of the film, but didn't make it to the final cut.

7.- "Inmortals"

Performed by: Fall Out Boy

Featured in: Big Hero 6

Why we loved it: You may or may not have liked this movie, but no one can deny the cool job that Fall Out Boy did for Disney. By far, the song was not a hit like Idina Menzel's Let It Go, but it was a nice and decent try.

6.- "Love Me Again"

Performed by: John Newman

Featured in: Live. Die. Repeat

Why we loved it: From my point of view, this movie is gonna be a sci-fi classic in the future. It's funny, brilliant, explosive and very well done. Doug Liman made a perfect film where you can see Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt -yup, Emily Blunt!- kicking some asses. Oh, and makes you wanna stand up and dance before you leave the theater.

5.- "Everything Is Awesome"

Performed by: Tegan & Sara ft. The Lonely Island

Featured in: The LEGO Movie

Why we loved it: The movie is ok, but you will have to admit you started walking oot of the cinema with a very slight humming of this song.

4.- "I Want You Back"

Performed by: The Jackson Five

Featured in: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Why we loved it: Really? Do you need and explanation? We loved everything in this movie!

3.- "It's On Again"

Performed by: Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar

Featured in: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Why we loved it: Are you looking for reasons for not to hate the latest Spidey film? Here's the perfect one. The song was one of the coolest of the summer and the official video includes cameos from Pharrel Williams and Hans Zimmer.

2.- "The Last Goodbye"

Performed by: Billy Boyd

Featured in: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Why we loved it: We don't really know if we are ever going to see another film based on the Middle-Earth universe, so it's kind of sad when you think this is the last time we are enjoying this amazing films in a cinema, and the nostalgia that this song beams is so powerful. The movie may not be the best of the saga, but it's the last one, and that will always make it special.

1.- "Boom Clap"

Performed by: Charli XCX

Featured in: The Fault In Our Stars

Why we loved it: This year was Shailene Woodley's , and besides Divergent, she starred this movie that has in its tracklist one of the hits of the whole 2014. Charli XCX made clear she's very sexy and capable of making catchy songs that everyone wants to have on their iTunes Liblary.


Which song was your favorite at cinemas this year?


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