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Izzy Wizzy

I really enjoyed this movie before watching it i have always heard about it but not got the time to.

People were always saying great things about this movie so i finally decided to pick it up and watch it.

After watching it last night well i thought the movie was good it was really funny some things in the movie made me scratch my head thinking what did i just watch or what was that all about.

I did like how every other scene something funny was happening to the dude.

The cast was pretty good i know some times if the actors who are chosen to play the parts don't do good then the movie won't be that good.

The plot was okay noting to surprising its noting like i haven't already seen before.

Overall i thought this movie was okay i would give this movie a 10/10.

I would recommend this movie to you if you can pick it up for a decent price.

They do sell metal versions at wal-mart of this movie on Blu-Ray for around $12.96 thats pretty cheap.


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