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Izzy Wizzy

After always hearing about this movie for the past couple of years i have finally decided to watch this movie to see if it was as good as everybody says it is.

Well watching it the other night for the first time i was shocked i actually liked the movie.

The plot is really good which i was expecting it would be.

I did like the actors chosen for the parts they all deliver great parts to this movie.

I like how Tony changes throw out the whole movie at first hes a really loving guy but towards the 2 act he starts to become a huge dick.

Hes the kind of guy that just doesn't care anymore if you mess with him he will kill you.

I'm not really a fan of how the movie ended to tell you the truth.

That guy at the end that shoots Tony in the back with a shotgun well i think he is just a big coward to begin with.

I really wished Tony didn't get killed at the end i know Tony kind of knew it was coming for him one day but i wished he could have survived and changed his life around.

Overall i would give this movie a 10/10 for really good actors,action,drama,comedy and much more.


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