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Alright so last Article was about movies adapted from comics and what it takes to make a comic book launch successful. Now we go into one of my other favorites. VIDEO GAMES!

So for Christmas at our house we have a tradition, most of the adult presents are games. This year we went with my personal favorite Kingdom Hearts Final mix 2.5, The Evil Within, Thief, Final Fantasy double pack of 10 and 10-2, and Metal Gear solid complete series.

So it rose in my mind that I have not seen a video game based movie hit the silver screen in a hot minute. Truly depressed that the last one I had the joy to behold was the last in the Resident Evil saga. I know another is heading our way but I don't believe soon enough. So I sat back and wondered... what could the next saga be? My hope is Bioshock, though there are others that would be just as amazing.

Now to say that all game movies to hit the screen have been good.. would be a lie. (Yeah Tekkan...lookin at too DOA) Now were they bad? Not entirely. They had not only some good moments but they were more, for me personally, on the cheesy cheese side. Now recently a Mortal Kombat AND Street Fighter: Assassain's Fist made their way through youtube channels and can I say that if you have seen them inner geek screamed in joy.

So I would love to see more like this made and I do hope the trend continues! I would love to see a sequel to Wreck-it Ralph done, since again for me, this is one of the most well balanced adult to kid animated movies I have seen hit the theaters. (Q-bert nuff said) So here is the question. What movies from games would you like to see? Is there one of your favorites you would love to see done now that the tech is available? I will be the first to answer... Bring on "The Suffering"!


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