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There is something old school about Sean Anders Horrible Bosses 2. Clearly a sequel designed to cash in on the success of the original film made in 2011. It recalls the comedies of Abbott and Costello and Martin and Lewis, yet with a R rated edge. The comic timing of the three leads has received minimal praise in the critical drubbing the sequel has received, the assumption must be that this type of chemistry is effortless. What Bateman, Day and Sudekis prove is that a prosaic plot that retreads the machinations of the original, can form the template for the three comedic actors to ply their trade.

Horrible Bosses 2 is a lot of fun, watching Bateman justify the post coital significance of intercourse with the sexaholic Aniston, or Charlie Day sweating away on Morning Television or Sudeikis dutifully employing the hottest girls with no CV to speak of is pretty funny. A marvellous cast of returners, Aniston, Spacey, Foxx, join newcomers Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz to bring the smart script from Anders and John Morris and five other writers to life.

The plot involves the three potential entrepreneurs going into business for themselves by creating a product called the “shower buddy” and going into business with the unscrupulous father and son businessmen Burt and Rex. Instead of a murder plot the “idiots” come-up with a kidnapping plot that invariably does not go according to plan. The whiteboard ideas session is a classic, “no idea is a bad idea”, soon degenerates into a defence of Sandra Bullock.


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