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Being a dad has gotten me back into superheroes like when I was a kid.
Kurtis Korwan

A month ago we uploaded our first video of a planned online "series" we wanted to do as a family. Since that time the response has been overwhelmingly positive and the children have loved it (thank you very much). Just as kids typically do, at the last minute they decided they wanted to make a Christmas special, so we scrambled and produced a short episode in under a month. The result is "A Super Christmas Special" with the SuperHeroKids.

The story takes place on Christmas Eve in Gotham City, where a traditional Christmas festival in the Narrows brings out a small band of thieves bent on stealing and taking away people's joy—as well as their presents. The target: a small charity party for children where Santa is slated to give out gifts. Batman and Superman just happen to be nearby and rush into action with the help of Robin.

The bad guys are confronted by Batman!
The bad guys are confronted by Batman!

Unfortunately, the generous gift of the flu struck, delaying post production and causing us to miss our Christmas Eve upload deadline. However, it is now done and it is live on YouTube, so please check it out.

We hope you enjoy our video as much as we did making it. Be sure to like, subscribe, and even share if you wish. If you do decide to comment, please be kind as we try to share what others say with the kids, and we want to steer clear of any rude or mean spirited comments. Remember, these are kids and not professionals.

Superman finally gets his photo with Santa!
Superman finally gets his photo with Santa!

Thank you and from all of us at SuperHeroKids, we hope you had a Merry Christmas, happy holiday, and have a Happy New Year!


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