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Christopher Nolan is the greatest director of this generation. With only 10 films, 8 of those are in IMDB's Top 250. That isn't something all directors can do. His movies take us to the alleyways of Gotham in The Dark Knight Trilogy, dreams within dreams in Inception, back in time with photo-memories in Memento, and now through space and time in Interstellar. To me, that's quite an impeccable reputation.

Interstellar had everything from a great script, amazing FX, a cast that is quite frankly of the charts, and pretty much everything a person looking for an unforgettable flick needs to see. But there were also people who hated this film, and I can see why. A few reasons could be that you didn't understand. Neither did I when I first saw it, so I watched an hour-long documentary that explains everything you really need to know, but I highly advise that if you haven't seen Interstellar, don't watch this.

Also, some people hated the OST, but I loved. It's by far one of the greatest soundtrack that Hans Zimmer has produced, and I've downloaded it on iTunes. Another reason could be that it's unrealistic. IT'S A SCI-FI MOVIE, PEOPLE! It can't be as real as your daily life. Plus, if you watch the documentary above, Chris Nolan said everything was made with help of NASA, meaning that everything they wear or use, is quite real.

Interstellar is the best movie year for me, hands down. Matthew McCoughnahey's performance was absolute phenomenal and so were Casey Affleck, Jessica Chasten, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Wes Bentley, etc., but the person who surprised me the most was Mackenzie Foy. She seriously moved me, and I don't get moved very often. She could either become a really, really good actress, or disappear like most of the child actors.

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