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Stan Lee turns 92 today and we had a chance to ask Stan ‘The Man’ Lee himself a few quick questions and get some of his take on today’s comic book world. He moves like he just hit 50 and keeps going! So our questions had to be quick just like his responses as he was on the move!

Moviepilot (MP): Being considered the “Father of all Marvel characters,” which character do you feel is your best achievement and which is your least (that you would like to forget?)

Stan: Spider-Man is best. There are none I'd like to forget.

MP: There are a lot of good and solid writers today in comics; who are the ones that are standing out to you these days?

Stan: Sorry, I no longer have time or eyesight good enough to read the comic books.

MP: Other than Marvel and DC, are there any comics or characters that you wish you could get your hands on and put your own touch on them?

Stan: No.

MP: From the characters you have been involved with, which one would you like to see turned into the next big film?

Stan: Dr. Strange and/or Black Panther

MP: What character do you think is under-used in the Marvel Universe?

Stan: The Thing

MP: If and when they make a movie about your life, who plays you?

Stan: Too bad Errol Flynn is no longer around. So I'll have to say Brad Pitt.

MP: Given the chance, what creative team would you like to work with?

Stan: Kevin Smith and any of Marvel's top artists

MP: I’m sure you have been asked this a lot lately, with the upcoming changes in Thor and Captain America, what are your thoughts and feelings?

Stan: I never second-guess the guys at Marvel. They gotta come up with new concepts to shake up the fans and they're doing a great job.

MP: With all the movies, TV shows and comics out there, do you feel there is an over-saturation of comics and will we see the bubble burst so to speak?

Stan: No.

MP: What is next for Stan Lee and what are you working on that you can share with us?

Stan: New movies and TV series for POW! -- But can't share them with you, except for THE ANNIHILATOR, a superhero movie which we're working on.

Thank you Stan for your time and responses. Please be sure to follow Stan Lee on all his social media outlets to keep up with the convention speed-walker.

Happy Birthday and we hope you have many more! EXCELSIOR!

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Always with a smile!
Always with a smile!

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