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Jerome Maida

Call this another case of the press making something out of nothing.

Judging by genre blogs and even some of the mainstream press, you would swear Idris Elba has already replaced Daniel Craig as James Bond.

There is no true evidence to support this.

This is all based on an e-mail in which Sony's Amy Pascal said Elba "should be the next Bond and a 2012 "Rolling Stone" article in which Craig supposedly hinted that he was tired of the role.

So, an irrelevant point and wrong inference. That's ALL this is based on.

Guess what? Daniel Craig isn't going anywhere. This is simple to deduce if you look at several huge facts.

1.) Craig's last 007 outing, " [Skyfall](movie:36632)", was the first "Billion-Dollar Bond", grossing $1.1 BILLION worldwide. That ranks it 9th all-time - and makes it one of only 17 films to hit the billion-dollar mark during it's initial run.

2.) After "Skyfall", Sony did everything except take Sam Mendes hostage to get him to recreate the magic he had with Daniel Craig. Why would they do that for Mendes and show Craig the door soon?

3.) Given the success of "Skyfall", and the extremely positive reception the film got, almost every box-office prognosticator has predicted that 2015's Bond outing, "[Spectre](movie:660009)", will gross $1 billion worldwide as well.

4.) Sony's Amy Pascal is known for honoring contracts and Craig has two more films to go in his. If she is reportedly fighting for Andrew Garfield to keep his role as Spider-Man in a declining franchise, what makes anyone think she will throw the face associated with Sony's most successful movie ever?

5.)Barbara Broccoli was quoted last year saying this of Craig;" Brilliant actor, and he is the greatest Bond ever - I’m not letting him go, not for a long time." Barbara is, of course, the daughter of the original Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli, is now a producer on the Bond films herself and has been working on the franchise for 35 years, since the age of 17. Maybe it's just me, but I think her opinion might carry a lot of weight.

6.) Former Bond Roger Moore was quoted in "Time" magazine as saying Craig was the greatest Bond ever. In fact,he believed Craig to be so great that he wrote this to the producers about him: "I think Daniel Craig is the Bond. He’s quite brilliant".

7.) When Bond seemed to have run out of steam after the pitiful box-office of Timothy Dalton's "License To Kill" installment, people were saying then that Bond should be "updated" and be played by Wesley Snipes or Sharon Stone. The Broccolis resisted then- what makes anyone think they want to change the formula now?

8.) Since Bond bottomed out with 1989's "License To Kill"'s horrible $34 million domestic take, every single Bond film released starring Pierce Brosnan ( 1995's "Goldeneye" with $106 million domestically; 1997's "Tomorrow Never Dies" with $125 million domestically; 1999's "The World Is Not Enough" with $126 million domestically and 2002's "Die Another Day" with $160 million domestically) and Craig (with 2006's "Casino Royale" with $167 million domestically; "Quantum of Solace" with $168 million domestically) and 2012's "Skyfall", with $304 million domestically has outgrossed it's predecessor. That's SEVEN films in a row that have increased in domestic box-office!

9.) Craig is Sony's Bond. They are the ones who bought the rights to him and then rebooted him - with the Broccolis agreeing.With each of their opening weekends showing increased anticipation for a new Bond film starring Craig - "Casino Royale" had a domestic opening weekend of $40 million, which was dwarfed by "Quantum of Solace", which had a domestic opening weekend of $67 million, which was destroyed by "Skyfall", which had a domestic opening weekend. If this momentum continues, it is not out of the question that "Spectre" could have a $100 million opening weekend.

10.) Out of all 24 James Bond films, "Skyfall" sold the third-most tickets, behind only 1965's "Thunderball" and 1964's "Goldfinger". That means it was the most attended Bond film in over four decades!

When you add all that up, I think Amy Pascal will be looking for work if she seriously intends to replace Daniel Craig anytime soon!


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