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Roman Empire vs. Chinese already sound's epic and will certainly turn the imaginations into reality of all those who thought about 'what a full scale war between Asian Dynasty's and Roman Empire's would look like?'.It will surely be one of a kind brain candy and is surely going to be an unique film.

Set in 206-220 A.D., the movie focuses on a key (fictional) battle between Rome and China’s Han Dynasty. It follows Chinese officer Chan, who’s framed and later enslaved, and Roman soldier John Cusack, who escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The two cross paths in the Western Desert.

Meanwhile, Adrien Brody plays general Tiberius as he leads the Roman army’s fight to control the Silk Road. Of course, the real Tiberius never orchestrated such an attack.Although not yet released the trailer is pointing that the movie itself could be a very promising one.

“Dragon Blade,” which cost $65 million to produce, boasts one of the heftiest budgets for a Chinese film. It hits theaters in China on February 19.

Below is the first trailer released:

Chan, Cusack, and Brody.

This could either be understandably terrible, or surprisingly awful or it could be surprisingly awesome......either way we should all not judge the movie before seeing it let's wait and watch.


What do you think of the movie and the concept?Will it be a blockbuster or will it completely tank in the box office?


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