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2014 has been a brilliant year for movies, and as we head towards 2015, I want to give you all My Top 10 Movies of 2014! They vary across genres and styles, but each movie has a very specific reason for being in my top 10, so stay tuned to find out what made it to number 1!

10. The Book Thief

The Book Thief, is a cute little film based on the novel by Markus Zusak, about a young girl as she grows up in Nazi Germany with her foster parents, and the Jewish man that they are hiding in their house. I say it's a cute little film, because although I loved it, it does paint a somewhat rose-tinted view of Nazi Germany, for the purposes of following the story of one adorable little girl. Although I did read the book, one thing I wish they would've done, is kept the idea of Death being the narrator a little bit more. That was one of the main things that drew me in to reading the book, and it would've been nice to keep that in the film via a voiceover of some kind.

Breakout Star/Moment: 14-year old Canadian actress, Sophie Nélisse, who plays Liesel. She did a brilliant job at playing Liesel, from her younger years, through to when she was older.

If you're interested, I gave this film 4/5 stars!

9. The Amazing Spider-Man

With Sony holding on to Spidey in a death-like grip, and of course Sony having essentially F****d over Spider-Man through 5 films, 2 Directors, 2 Aunt Mays, 2 Uncle Bens, 2 Green Goblins, 2 Mary Watson's (or maybe 1 and a half?), 2 Peter Parkers, 2 Spider-Man's, 2 Origin Stories and -...yeah, yeah, I'd like fries with that. Oh wait, this isn't a food order. WOOPS! My bad! But you get what I'm saying.

Regardless of all that, The Amazing Spider-Man only just made my list, and it has nothing to do with the things I mentioned above. This film, was a huge dissapointment, that really should either have never been made, or should've taken more time in order to be perfected before being thrust upon us. Yeah, sure, Gwen/Emma & Peter/Andrew are cute together, and their teenage-y awkwardness on screen can be cute at times (AT TIMES - NOT all the time!) but that's not what I go to see Spider-Man for. I don't watch superhero films, secretly hoping for Chick-Flicks. I freakin' hate chick flicks. He spent waaaay too much time out of his damn suit, just being with Gwen, and we all know the only reason he was doing this, is because she was going to DIE. They rushed their relationship development into the film, cramming it in like this was an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, and forgot that we all came to see SPIDER-MAN!

Breakout Star/Moment: This film's only redeeming quality, and the only reason it is on my list, is Jamie Foxx's Electro. I know some people didn't like his character and how he was portrayed in the film, but I thought he was badass, and Jamie Foxx played him brilliantly! Seriously, if Jamie Foxx as Electro weren't in this film, we would've been stuck with Dane Dehaaaaaaans (<--that's an intentional mispelling, I'm not a fan) stupid ass Green Goblin and their poor excuse for Rhino at the end.

Perspective people. Jamie Foxx made that film.

Bearable. He made it bearable.

If you're interested, I gave this film 2/5 stars! (3 when I was in a good mood and just thinking of Electro being badass)

8. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

These Planet of the Apes films have been a favourite of one of my closest friends for AGES. She told me way in advance that we were seeing it, and having only watched a really old one, thought "Oh dear god, shoot me now." I watched Rise in preparation for this, and LOVED it, and then saw this one and lost my damn mind it was so good! Whilst I felt it was a bit long, and Caesar kinda scared the crap out of me whenever he shouted NO (seriously, calm down bro, all that shouting can't be good for you), it was the scene above that solidified its place on this list. My homeboy Koba clowned the absolute freakin' HELL out of those two guys, and I LOVED every bloody second of it. So freakin' dope. I LIVE for that scene.

Breakout Star/Moment: Kobo, obviously, duh. And check out the scene where he goes full BOSS mode.

If you're interested, I gave this movie, 4/5 stars.

7. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

I'm not going to lie, when I saw the trailer, I was un-impressed. I thought perhaps I was going off The Hunger Games, and I thought back to the previous two films, and realised that they weren't all that. I didn't like the first one, and whilst Catching Fire was good, seeing Mockingjay really put everything into persepctive. It's the best of the films so far, and with its political undertones, it seemed like a very relevant film for this year. With everything that's going on in the world, it seemed like the perfect time for this film to be out, and whilst Katniss' Hanging Tree song will be stuck in my head forever, this film was brilliantly done, and I really have nothing at all bad to say about it.

Breakout Star/Moment: Josh Hutchersoon/Peeta. All of Peeta's scenes, but especially the last one when they rescue him and he...well you know...he

Violently attacks Katniss.

I never got round to reading the last book, but I do know a lot of what happens, and that STILL got me. Not what he did, but how. Let's all just take a moment to sob uncontrollably for Peeta.

If you're interested, I gave this movie, 5/5 stars.

6. Godzilla

Ugh. We all know that everyone's one main problem with this film is that there wasn't nearly enough Godzilla. Like seriously, dude came out into full view all of two times I think over the entire film. Despite that, this film makes my list, because Godzilla is my homie and we go way back. And when he was on screen, he was SLAYING left, right and centre. Apart from the times he wasn't, of course.

I just like Godzilla, so sue me.

Breakout Star/Moment: Well it definietly weren't the bevvy of boring actors taking screentime off Godzilla. Remind me again Quicksilver what you did in this film?

I gave this film 4 out of 5 stars. For Godzilla only. The actual film is probably like a 2.5-3 out of 5.

5. Edge of Tomorrow

Here we see Ms. Marvel brandishing a gun. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers. Emily Blunt, I meant Emily Blunt. (*whispers Captain Marvel*)

This film makes my list, because despite all Tom Cruise films now essentially being the same thing, this was actually a really enjoyable film. It had a good plot, one that they subsequently ruined with the ending (i.e Tom Cruise has to save the day and going back to the beginning) and of course, Emily Blunt was brilliant in it. We'd expect no less from Danvers, so this film has a solid place on this list.

Breakout Star/Moment: Emily Blunt and all of her scenes. All of them. Absolutely every one.

I gave this film 4.5 out of 5 stars.

4. Maleficent


So, I didn't actually know the story of Maleficent prior to seeing this film, or really the story of Sleeping Beauty because Aurora was never one of my favourite princesses. However, I didn't need to know, because the second I saw Angelina Jolie, I nodded vigourously, turned to my mates and said "Yep, we're seeing that."

The thing with this film is that, had it been any other actress playing Maleficent, it would've been crap. It would've turned out like Snow White and The Huntsman, and no one wants to relive that garbage all over again. Angelina Jolie, like Jamie Foxx in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, made this film bearable - and for me, because she's my ultimate girl crush - good. The plot did feel boring at times, but visually this film was very well done. Elle Fanning could've done with a few acting lessons before this, but she wasn't totally bad, just annoying.

Breakout Star/Moment: Sam Riley as Diaval. Jolie was great, as expected, but Riley as Diaval was an unexpected delight, making a lesser character much more enjoyable to watch on screen. And you know, he got to be a dragon for a bit. Lucky B*****d!

I gave this film 3.5-4 out of 5 stars.

3. The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner was so perfectly done, that I didn't even notice some of the changes from the book. At the end of the movie, I sat down and had to really think to remember things they've changed, which to me, is testamount to them doing it right. It's the perfect example of how to adapt a YA book, and aside from them leaving out Thomas and Teresa's telepathy, I thought this film was brilliantly done. I really have nothing bad to say about it, it's a visual masterpiece, the young cast were fantastic, and I can't wait for The Scorch Trials!

Breakout Star/Moment: Dylan O'Brien. Whilst the entire cast did a fantastic job, this film really allowed O'Brien to show the world just how amazing he is, and why he has an army of loyal fangirls. We all knew he was a brilliant actor from Teen Wolf - especially in Season 3 of MTV's hit show - but he got to showcase more of that talent in The Maze Runner, and it's nice to see him going on to other projects and getting the recognition he deserves. Go Dylan! WOO!

I gave this film 4/5 stars.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's gamble this year was James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy, and boy did it pay off. This film had all the makings of a Marvel movie, action, humour, a hint at a romance that we'll probably never hear or see more of (Gamora & Star-Lord, Widow and Hawkeye, Widow and Cap, looking at you guys), and with all of that it managed to add a little extra 'spice' in the form of a team of unlikely heroes. Not obvious badasses and ego's like the Avengers, but losers. A-holes. This film was fantastically done through all aspects, and I really have no complaints about it.

Breakout Star/Moment: Groot. Obviously. He's a unique and special character that I suspect people didn't expect to love as much as they do, and for various reasons. I have three favourite moments for Groot. The first, when he smashes the living S**t out of those fighters and turns round and grins. It's so brilliant I could cry. Speaking of crying, when he grows himself into a little cucoon around the Guardians to save them all. I shed a few tears. Not afraid to admit it. And of course, lastly, DANCING BABY GROOT! So adorable, how could you not love it?

I gave this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

And now, ladies and gents, we finlly reach number 1. My favourite movie of 2014 is.....


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yes, Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, tops my list as my favourite movie of 2014! Why? Simple, it was brilliant. Sure there wasn't enough Winter Soldier, but that's easily forgotten when you realise that they've finally shown Cap to be the god almighty badass we know he is. The First Avenger set up his character so although good, can be boring at times. The Avengers, saw him get his ass handed to him by Loki in Germany, wearing a tight ass spandex suit, and just not being the Super Soldier we know him to be. But The Winter Soldier, remembered how strong he is, how good of a fighter he is, and unleashed him with everything he's got onto all his enemies and bad guys! He kicked unbelievable amounts of ass, and teamed up with Widow and Falcon to make a movie that is quite honestly in the top 3 Marvel movies of the MCU.

Breakout Star/Moment: Cap. Duh.

So, those are my top 10 movies of 2014, let me know what yours are in the comments or why you agree/disagree with my choices!


Out of My Top 10 Movies, which is YOUR Number 1?


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