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This is my first post so excuse any mistake but feel free to comment bout' it

The Avengers 2 release is approaching ... but for me its like a long way .. Anyway the trailers had already set me up to squeez all that i could from it.... and my eye just struck on this guy Andy Serkis ( Ulysses Klaw ... most probably ) Well rumours suggest that he could be playing the villanious guy Ulysses Klaw ...So even if he is Klaw , is he good or bad for our heroes ?

So, here is my theory,

The Ultron kicked up avengers ass and all the our heroes are like " God , Kindle a ray of hope " .. The captain's shield broken apart and Thor down , Iron Man ... stunned? ....perhaps and hulk is fighting Iron Man Suits ( Hulk Buster !? ) and other stuff .. then suddenly the rest of them finds this guy ( Klaw ) who knows where this Adamantium (Ultron's Metal .. maybe) OR Vibramium ( Captain's Metal ) lies ... , Thus the greedy look ^ . He agrees to help , making the captain revive. Finally Iron Man comes back online , Thor get's up and hulk Smashed up the his buster and then ..... then you know ... how ' The Avengers ' ended ... Or maybe another alternate ending ........ actually this is not the center of this post .. (but please drop in comments if you see one coming )

But , He could be the bad guy either , ( i don't see who bad else they need to put in this movie ... i mean its ULTRON man ..) who helps Ultron MARK I ( the one in the starting in trailer ) to get THE Metal ..

So , Drop a comment and share your theories .. Meet you in my next post




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