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What is your personal favorite movie of 2014? Chances are it may not be the number one featured on many other movie lists being published right now. But that doesn't matter. I loved 'Under the Skin' for example. Many others hated it. I know people who don't bother to watch a Marvel movie because they just "don't like that kind of thing". Puny humans! But that's okay, however misguided those people may be, we all have our own movie tastes. For example check out my previous post, the 5 best movies of 2014 you may have missed. It really is a most excellent read and deserving of 5 stars. Most of these movies missed out on a cinema release which is why you may not yet have seen them. You may even disagree with my choices. I don't care, I loved them and I will defend them, no matter what flavor popcorn you throw at me.

Here however is my list of the worst films of 2014 and chances are you may well disagree with me. While my 2014 favorites including 'Odd Thomas' went straight to DVD, the films listed here were all cinema releases, so sorry 'Wolfcop'. There have been plenty of great films this year and there has been a lot of bad ones. These are the ones I hate more than any other.

American Hustle

What, on a worst movies list? A film that was even oscar nominated? Yes indeed. Whilst not cinematic drivel in my opinion this was extremely overrated and a great director's (David O Russel's) worst film. It is ironic that this is a film about confidence tricksters as I felt extremely cheated by all the hype this overblown, over complicated and boring mishmash of a film received. You may have been dazzled by it's admittedly great acting and directing, but I was left disappointed by the film's plotting, and angry at the critics who fell over themselves like sheep to offer unwarranted praise. I also hated Bradley Cooper's perm. Sorry.


No that wasn't a personal attack on the people who made 'American Hustle'. it's a French film that again, in some quarters, was highly regarded. If you only ever see one French film please don't make it this one. An exploitative tale of revenge, it is badly scripted, boringly acted, and just kind of sits there, expecting praise with a smug look on its face. Bastards!

The Legend of Hercules

Directed by the once brilliant Renny Harlin ('Cliffhanger') and starring the dull Kellan Lutz, this cinematic misfire pales besides Brett Ratner's 'Hercules', which while not a masterpiece, was at least fun. This turd of a movie is an origin tale, and while it contains a lot of action and some fairly decent CGI it is a film that you will watch once and then never watch again, the poor acting of Lutz and DVD king Scott Adkins providing more entertainment than the generic story.


Paul W S Anderson has only really made one good film and that was 'Event Horizon' in 1997. Since then he has mainly directed or produced the 'Resident Evil' films which have very little to do with the mostly excellent games. 'Pompeii' reminded me a little of that other cinematic horror, 'Pearl Harbor', both films telling a romantic tale in the backdrop of historical tragedy. Neither film benefits from this, and in a film about an erupting volcano you really do expect more effort in the lava department. Not even worth seeing in 3D. Lukewarm.

Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie

Okay I haven't actually seen this one, but the tv series is dreadful, and the trailer for this made me want to put bleach in my eyes. If you are a fan of the character this is possibly your favourite film of the year. If so, please tell me, why? Why? Why? Sob.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

These turtles should have stayed in their shell. Badly edited action, little humor, the wooden Megan Fox, this is yet another movie retelling of the characters which does not understand the samurai parody of the comics, and does not improve upon the surprisingly decent 80's cartoon. Please Hollywood, no sequels. Or reboots.

So there you go, 6 of the worst films this year. In my opinion. But what do you think? Did you actually like any of those films? Would you have other films which deserve the title of 'cinematic poop'? Please let me know.


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