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In 2016 we're gonna see a movie entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I like to call this movie the "reintroduction and introduction" of the DC universe on screen. Why? We'll be seeing the reintroduction of Henry Cavill's Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, the reintroduction of Lex Luthor (after a decade of rest), the reintroduction of Batman and his mythos, the reintroduction of Metropolis and this world (if we consider the modern day a post 9/11 world than there would surely be a post alien invasion world as well), among other things. We also will be introduced to various new heroes and villains never seen before on screen. One of the characters that should be introduced to us is Bizarro. Who? How? Why? Find out you if around stick!

Wait a second...Who is this Bizarro guy anyway?

Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

Bizarro is a DC comics villain, who usually faces off against Superman, introduced in 1958's Superboy #68. The original Bizarro initially was the product of an accident involving a scientist, a duplicate ray, and a teenaged Superman; but in the Post Crisis on Infinite Earths and Flashpoint universes he was a creation of Lex Luthor. Despite him being a clone of an arguably perfect man, Bizarro is extremely flawed. He is the opposite of Superman, explaining why he's often seen with a backwards "S". Instead of heat vision and freeze breath he shoots ice out of his eyes and shoots fire out of his mouth.

Why introduce him in Batman v Superman?

There have been rumors going around since this time last year that Doomsday would appear in the 2016 film. At first I hated the idea, but I have warmed up to it. However, that doesn't mean that's what I want to happen. Doomsday should be saved for a later movie as the death of Superman should come about after we've become more emotionally connected to the character. Bizarro should be the big super powered antagonist that the man of steel face off against for the finale. For a couple of reasons.

The first reason is what I mentioned earlier. Doomsday should be saved. Besides, the main complaint about MOS (not from me) was all of the destruction. Now you want Superman's most destructive foe? Make up your mind people! Bizarro is still powerful and could cause a lot of destruction, but is an easier opponent than Doomsday and Superman could guide him away from heavy populated areas.

That leads in to the next reason. Bizarro should appear as closure for Superman. How did we leave Kal-El in Man of Steel? A (superhu)man that just killed and cosmically imprisoned the ONLY people of his race left in the universe. Think about that for a second. That has to come with some mental repercussions. Add to that the fact that he also caused the death of many other lives in the process of trying to defend them, and he killed a man with his bare hands. Clark has had to have dealt with so much inner struggle in the past 3 years.

Fighting someone so similar to Zod (we'll come back to that later) and defeating him with minimal destruction, no lives lost, and not killing him would solve Superman's problems. He'd come full circle finally and be the man we know him to be

Lastly, Bizarro should appear in this film because Batman and Superman's battle should NOT be the finale of this film. There should be two fights between them; the first Superman kicks Batman's butt and in the second a prepared Batman beats Superman a la The Dark Knight Returns. After that the two heroes realize where the other is coming from and team up in the 3rd Act to stop Lex Luthor and his monster. Having Bats and Supes end at odds or end with them fighting then becoming friends would not feel complete.

How should they use Bizarro in the movie?

This Bizarro would not be exactly like the one in the comics. In fact he'd be substantially different, but many things would stay the same. One difference is his creation. Bizarro is NOT a clone of Superman. I know I know, big departure but it's for good (and logical) reason.

In Man of Steel, the Kryptonian's scout ship crashed. The scout ship contained the genesis chamber which would produce the new Kryptonians Zod wanted, but it was destroyed when the ship crashed, or so we thought. The Government gave the things found in the wreckage of the invasion to LexCorp for research. There was one Kryptonian fetus that made it through the wreckage. Luthor creates a makeshift genesis chamber out of human and kryptonian resources to grow the fetus. He calls this Subject B-Zero.

He alters it's DNA so that it isn't weakened by "Kryptonite" (a rock found in the earth in areas where the World Machine hit in Metropolis and the Indian Ocean). This in affect caused other things to mutate. His skin color turned grey and some of his powers were altered. His growth process was sped up physically, though mentally he is a 3 year old, and when he got a certain age they began to feed him images and videos portraying Superman as a monster. They raised B-Zero to hate Superman.

When he's released on Metropolis he wears the Kryptonian suit that Zod had on when he fought Superman (not the armor, but what he had on under that). This brings back horrible memories for Clark when he fights B-Zero , but also reminds him that he needs to prevent damage to the city and has to beat B-Zero (or Bizarro has he incorrectly calls himself) without killing him.

You might be thinking "It's too late now. They haven't casted him and they wrapped filming." To this I say "Ha! But you're wrong!!!" There's someone who was casted in BvS whose role has not been revealed. Many believe him to be playing Metallo, but I think it's Bizarro. That's right, I'm talking about Callan Mulvey. It makes sense for him to be Bizarro as he has experience with action and stunt work, but isn't necessarily the best actor. No he doesn't look like Henry Cavill, but he isn't a Superman clone remember?

In conclusion, I want to see Bizarro in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) and I hope that after reading this article you do too. Thanks for taking the time to check the article out. Make sure to comment your thoughts on the subject! Thanks again and as always.....DEUCES!!!


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