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Certain shows are known for being graphic, rude and dirty. These shows are usually for adults though but that doesn't stop animators from slipping in some very non child friendly things into kids shows. Some of these help adults be amused by a show they are usually being forced to watch and sometimes they are downright raunchy. Luckily kids rarely pick up on these. We have rounded up some of the best, funniest and dirtiest examples of this. Have fun!

Hawk Girl Burns The Flash

You have to admit, she got him good.

The Animaniacs Have A Little Miscommunication

Prince seems pretty upset that this isn't going to happen.

Donald Duck Does This

This could be easily taken out of context but you would think that at some point during the lengthy animation process someone would have been like, wait this doesn't look right.

Donald Isn't The Only One

Those ducks all better be 18.

Helga Gets Graphic

Okay that is just too much information. You seen it, you can't unsee it.

Powerpuff Girls Make A New Friend

Not really dirty but it's pretty funny, just look at his face!

Rocko Works As A Phone Sex Operator

That's not even subtle! I guess his job at the comic shop wasn't paying the bills.

This Popular Magazine Pops Up Again

It's hard telling how many times this joke has been hidden in a cartoon.

Rugrats Circumcision Joke

Another pretty funny one. Poor Kid, has no clue what's going on.

Grandpa Has His Night Planned Out

He may be old, but he ain't dead yet! Go Grandpa!

Spongebob Watches Sea Porn

Caught up by Gary, How embarrassing.

Ed, Edd and Eddy's Bedroom Scene

Pretty Obvious what's been going on here.


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