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At first glance, it would be understandable for one to think this to be another opinion piece aimed toward wild, hopeful speculation. I am glad to say, this seems to be much further away from speculation, and much closer to fact, than when first the rumor mill put the idea forth.

Okay, before I get into the latest news, I feel like there should be a bit more context, to help build my case.

Remember a few months ago, when Guardians of the Galaxy first came out in theaters, and the nation was in an uproar about how much they loved it, and thought it was awesome, and couldn't wait to see what was coming next?

Well, Mr. Diesel gave us a hint ( on the 9th:

I am Groot.
I am Groot.

↑ We got that picture above, but the following quote:

Vin and Marvel... you all made it happen!
I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha.

Of course, many wrote it off as a punny Marvel quip. Even many fans, in particular, of the Inhumans franchise claimed that it was unlikely for an Inhumans movie to even be announced any time soon. And if it was, Vin Diesel couldn't be the part, right? He's already showing us that he's playing Groot, which many would think would disqualify him for anything else, under Marvel's unspoken "one-role-per-actor" rule.

But then, news broke that Paul Bettany would be The Vision in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, after years of playing the part of JARVIS, Tony Stark's Butler AI in the Iron Man movies. Needless to say, many minds were blown. Obviously, there's something of a big, beautiful loophole to the unspoken one-role-per-actor rule: It doesn't count, if one of the "roles" is just a voice.

Well...are you?
Well...are you?

That brings us to today's news. Wanna guess what ↑ this is? Well, of course, it's fan art, but not just any fan art. Say hello to Mr. Vin Diesel's brand spankin' new cover photo, for his Facebook page ( And if you ask me, this picture says it all.

After work on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, he is almost certainly going to be our beloved Black Bolt, King Blackagar Boltagon of The Inhumans.

Then again, Vin Diesel could be a troll of the highest order, and I could be utterly full of crap. What do you think? Let us know in the polls and comments below!

UPDATE: Since this story broke, the actor has since removed the image as his cover photo. This has happened in the past with a few actors, who have been quieted down from teasing casting choices early.

Coincidence? Only time will tell!


Will Vin Diesel End Up in the Role of The Inhumans' King, Black Bolt?


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