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Let it be said I am a 90's kid, but there were some movies that for me at least grabbed me more then others. For this list we will look at the ones that to this day I can watch repeatedly without looking to find the remote to kill it with fire. :)

10. PageMaster

Ah the reign of Christopher Lloyd
Ah the reign of Christopher Lloyd

This was a favorite for many reasons, I love books and that is what this movie promotes, reading. That and finding the inner strength to achieve your dreams through facing your greatest fears. We follow a young man as he finds himself in a library after leaving to go get nails for his dad and getting caught in the rain. There he meets Fantasy, Adventure, and Horror. Books that just want to leave the library and have someone read them again.

9. Indian in the cupboard

To say I love this is an understatement, the thought that by putting my toys into a wooden cupboard, turning a key and then VOILA they become real walking, talking creatures blew my mind. Sure we had Teddy Ruxpin and later Furby...but not quite the same.

8. Tall Tale

I am the ring tailed roarer...
I am the ring tailed roarer...

Let me prefix with this, THIS for me is one of the most underrated Disney movies ever. The cast, the story, all of it was amazing to me as a kid. Following a young man fighting for his father's right to keep his land, he meets John Henry, Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan. I speak for myself but I still scream out "Not through our land!" to this day.

7. Small Soldiers

All Gorgonite scum must die..
All Gorgonite scum must die..

Yeah I know this was a cheesy chessy movie. I adored it. Action figures who had been implanted with military grade intelligence chips and started all out war on the opposing side. And yes I sang the Spice Girls part. Loved Archer and his Gorgonites just trying to find a place called home.

6. We're Back!

Roll back the rock to the dawn of time...
Roll back the rock to the dawn of time...

John Goodman voice acting. Nuff said. But this heartwarming story about enhanced intelligent dinosaurs and a battle between brothers who helped on one side with wishes and dream, while the other focused on nightmares, was amazing. There was so much to this, the two kids who help the dinosaurs on their way and the music was decent. Still have it as a ringtone!

5. Princess and the Frog

This is one of my favorites for the sole purpose of IT WAS ABOUT TIME Disney. A beautiful tale about a hardworking waitress trying to get a restaurant of her own based on a dream her dad and her had. Set in Louisiana, the music and the characters are quite memorable, and the lessons learned are there too. An amazing watch from start to finish.

4. Thumbelina

This was yet again another beautiful journey through animation of a beloved fairytale. One that took you through beautiful bright colors, amazing songs and a great story to wrap it all together. The voice actors were on point and the mole was honestly my favorite part. That and Jackamo.

3. Anastasia

Yes. From start to finish, yes. This was my favorite movie growing up when it came to being a girl. EVERYONE wanted to be Anastasia. The music, the actors, the animation. Beautiful. What little girl didn't want to find out she was a princess who had lost her memory? And not just a princess but THE princess.
This is one that I hope more and more introduce to the younger generations because for me at least this one still stands the time regardless of the updates in animation.

2. The Black Cauldron

This movie scared the living crap out of me when I first saw it. A story following a pig who could see the future and the ones who were taking down the Horned King. The goblins, the story. All done quite well. This was not your average happy movie. It went dark in allot of places and I loved it for that. Hence number 2.

And finally last but not least

1. Fox and the Hound

When your the best of friends...
When your the best of friends...

I STILL to this day quote this movie... allot. " Your my best friend too Todd." Oh the feels. This was an amazing story by Disney that also did not shy away from the hard times in a persons life. It follows the story of an orphaned fox who makes friends (best) with the neighbors hunting hound puppy. In the beginning all is well, they frolic and play, behave like kids. But as they grow older and the training for Copper (hound) begins, everything begins to change. This was my favorite movie and it ultimately also makes me a liar. This is a movie I love but cannot watch often, I turn into a big baby.

Alright so there it is, my list. Where there ones that you liked? Did I strike a hidden nerve lost in childhood? What were some of your favorite movies as a kid? I would love to hear!!


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