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Something has been trending recently. Hollywood has been doing something that really gets the fans of films and shows revved up. For more than fifty years this form of entertainment has graced movie and TV watchers. What I am talking about is crossovers.

Since the 1940s, with the first crossover movie Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, Hollywood has been crossing over films. A crossover is a single movie combining two, in this case, fictional worlds, characters, settings or contexts.

Frankenstein vs Wolfman
Frankenstein vs Wolfman

The reason to do so for Hollywood is to gain more money. By crossing over two very lucrative franchises, the companies can gain financially. Another popular crossover was King Kong Vs Godzilla, released in 1962 by Toho.

But why have crossovers become a trend now? From the Simpsons Guy crossover to the Simpsorama crossover, these have become opportunities to unite fans and enjoy a single episode with two of their favorite franchises. Not only that, but crossovers allow TV and movie companies the ability to explore their own universe.

From Left to Right: Simpson's Guy  and Simpsorama
From Left to Right: Simpson's Guy and Simpsorama

The new trend of crossovers in the new century in movies was pioneered by Disney and Marvel and the way they have handled the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Basically, with each movie, every movie is somewhat of a crossover, with references to other characters or settings. This type of crossover enables the viewers to have a better understanding of the characters, and also allows Disney and Marvel more creativity with regard to the licenses.

Thor and Loki (As Captain America)
Thor and Loki (As Captain America)

The first crossover release in the twenty first century was 2004's Freddy Vs Jason. That movie was a blast. It was marketed well and I thought it was one of the best crossovers (it still holds its own). The movie was awesome and even in the trailer, one character says "Place your bets".

Then came Alien VS Predator. However, it was teased in Predator 2, when Danny Glover entered the Predator ship and you can see an Alien skull on the wall, it was a breath of fresh air. But the movie overall was underwhelming. I think people were hoping for a movie as tense as the Aliens movies and as Gruesome and awesome as the Predator movies. What we were left with was a movie that was 3/4 about people you really didn't care about.

I know I only covered Film and TV crossovers and skimmed them, not even touching the depths of the topic. Comics and Books have seen crossovers for far more time than film and TV.

I enjoy crossovers, it allows me to enjoy my favorite franchises at once. Hollywood should continue to create crossovers and I hear there are a few in the works.

To conclude:

Crossovers enable companies to broaden their fan base. By catering movies to fans, they gain a two fold objective: Money and Fans. As long as the movies are enjoyable, fans will flock. Some movies even become cult classics (Freddy vs Jason). Hollywood has been doing crossovers for many, many years, but now seeing as how they green light movies that gain them the most financial returns, we may be seeing a lot more crossovers.

...and I have nothing against that.


What crossover do you want to see?


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