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Nelson Summerfield

keep in mind i am not a professional critic so i didn't see a lot of movies this year, so if you disagree, or i don't include a movie you think should be on here, then make your own list

lets start with two very similar movies i avoided then rented, and realized that was time well spent, i didnt watch them in their entirety so it'd be unfair to call them the worst

i streamed this movie for free, and lost interest after less than 20 minutes

i actually did rent this one, while not horrible standard action movie that lost my interest after about 30 minutes

rented it out of curiosity surprisingly didnt hate it, had some cool stuff, but not enough for me to watch it again

now for the movies i DID see in theaters, starting with my least favorite superhero movie of the year

just because it's "better than Spiderman 3 DOESN'T MAKE IT GOOD"
even with a nice romance and a good lead, but oddly enough i dont hate this one
its a slight improvement over it's lackluster first outing
villains while not compelling were better than the bland lizard
i laughed, i cheered, i got choked up, i rolled my eyes at some cheesy jokes but i never shook my head in disapproval
but this isn't wrath of khan a second movie that made up for its lackluster first movie, i don't see how this series can get better especially with

its best character dead

not godawful but very standard and done before

and the worst movie i saw in 2014 is

i fooled myself into enjoying it the first time i saw it
but man the more i think about it the more i regret it,
i don't know what's more amazing the fact that whatever problems from the first three movies this one fixed 2 more just as bad show its ugly face
or that i rank this higher on my worst list than the ninja turtles movie


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