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Sol is Founder, Director and Sifu at Black Sun Renaissance, and the Kung Fu Consultant.
Sol Black

Superman may be the godfather of superheroes, but Batman is everybody's favorite. Everybody's. If you disagree, you're lying ;)

In the wide world of comic book superheroes, extending into cartoons, films, and other popular media, few have as much power in our hearts and minds as the early originals. However, of them all, Batman has a special place. You know why that is? Of course you do. He's one of us...sort of. I mean, he's ridiculously rich, and has spent his entire life developing a skill set for a singular purpose. He is the pinnacle of human development, a paragon of sorts. Sure, you can argue about his obvious psychological issues, and pick on continuity between story lines, and all that pedantic stuff people who are too afraid to live their own epic adventure do. But it'll get you nowhere.

So what am I even doing writing to you? I'm offering you a chance to live a portion of that life for yourself.

It doesn't matter whether your prefer Adam West's spoof of a character, or Michael Keaton's joke of a portrayal, or Christian Bale's over dramatic pack-a-day Batman. They all bring aspects of the properly inked Dark Knight to the table.

Now, you're likely not a billionaire. That's okay, you don't need to be. You probably also have a job and a family that you have to take care of. That's okay too. You see, I'm not advocating you go out and become a vigilante. We've seen the news reports of what that can look like. In fact, I recently wrote an article for my own website detailing what the reality of a hero should be.

Rather, I am just opening the door for you to take a look at the epic side of the real world. If you take a look at the fun read that is Becoming Batman, by E. Paul Zehr, you'll see what a miserable (and short!) life it would be trying to specifically emulate Batman. However, taking steps to live life on your own terms through business, skill, health, and strength will allow to do things that seem superhuman by mundane standards.

You don't want to live a mundane life, do you?

Thankfully, we don't have to worry about supervillains. We really don't even have to worry about violence that much, depending on where you live. Violent crime affects a very small percentage of us, assault peaking at less than 2% world wide, and murder at less than .0002%. Yes, there may be some places where law enforcement and military seems less than capable to deal with the job, but your presence will do little to aid them.

Where you can do the most good is in your own life, and the lives of those you love. By being a person of strength and honor, by developing useful skills to be of service you your fellow man. Being poor doesn't help anyone, so don't be fooled by thoughts of nobility in poverty. Become a successful person through legitimate and helpful means, and you will be doing more for your loved ones than dressing up in a snazzy costume and punching thugs in the mouth.

If you want to learn more about what you can be doing to "become Batman", to become a force for good, and have the opportunity and will to act upon a life most epic, head on over to the Black Sun Renaissance website and check us out for opportunities to support you in your quest. Good Journey.


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