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As you know The Inhumans movie is coming in 2018 and we haven't yet know the cast to play The Inhumans except for Vin Diesel not confirmed yet but Vin Diesel really wants in on this upcoming Marvel movie (by upcoming Marvel movie I mean The Inhumans).

It turns out that Vin Diesel isn't satisfied just voicing Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He wants to play a live-action character in the comic book world, and he's openly campaigning for the upcoming movie that he wants to be a part of:

But question is will he make a better Black Bolt or Groot?

As perfect as Vin Diesel was voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, fans have been quick to note that the part doesn't necessarily discount him as a potential candidate for another live action role in a Marvel Studios film. While it would have been weird if Idris Elba were playing both Heimdall in the Thor films and another character like Luke Cage - as there would be no explanation as to why they look so similar - a voice role vs. a live-action role is something that audiences wouldn't a problem negotiating. Obviously this concept has occurred to Diesel as well, which is why he's now openly saying that he wants a part in Marvel's 2019 blockbuster Inhumans.

Aww sorry Groot
Aww sorry Groot

Unlike Groot Vin Diesel has to stay very very very silent he can't talk nor cough he only has to whisper but only if he wants to use that hypersonic voice of his.

This isn't actually the first time that Diesel has used his Facebook page to promote the idea of him starring in Inhumans, as he did something similar back in August, but this is definitely his most direct message yet (note the Inhumans logo Photoshopped on to the actor's shirt). We've even done our part by noting that he would be a rather perfect and ironic fit for the role of Black Bolt:

Black Bolt is one of the most deadliest powerful character in the Marvel Universe also not to mention the ruler of The Inhumans with his abilities of;-

Superhuman physical attributes


Destructive hypersonic voice

Molecular manipulation

Question will he make a better Black Bolt or Groot?

Our favorite tree or...

Our deadly leader of The Inhumans?


Do you think Vin Diesel will make a great Groot or Black Bolt?


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