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If your a blu-ray collector like myself then you just have to have all the cool slip covers.

Now these usually are only available for a sort amount of time mostly being limited to stores or websites.

This slip cover of Gamora was only available at Wal-mart & for a short period of time.

I picked up mine from the store it self these sell like hot cakes mostly for making a quick buck off ebay for these.

Now if you know people than your know there are a lot of Marvel fans out there and your also know they will pay a good price for these which is a good reason to put these on ebay.

I myself didn't buy Gamora silp cover for that i got it to just add to my collection of movies i think this makes a perfect gift for any fan of her.

Now the price how ever if you can still find it in the store your looking to pay around $27.99 which may sound a bit much just for a slip cover and only a blu-ray disc but if you buy this version on ebay i have seen it go over $79 bucks just for hers which is crazy if you think about it.


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