ByArunveer Kahlon, writer at

To be honest, Hunger Games was quite a memorable and unique movie experience, and Catching Fire was even better. But the third instalment, Mocking Part I, was as boring as hell. I didn't really see the movie going anywhere, except leading off to sleep like lullaby. Whatever Francis Lawrence is thinking, I'm not with him.

First of all, the books by Suzanne Collins were just amazing. When I first read them, I was speechless. And now you watch these films, and you're also speechless, just not in a good way. I would've preferred it to be one long movie, which is the same wish I had for The Hobbit films. Splitting in to two movies almost never works (apart Harry Potter, nothing really did). One of the worst Young Adult fiction movies, along with Divergent, and all of the Twilight films.

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