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Jerome Maida

Like many, I was thrilled to receive the "Guardians of the Galaxy" DVD for Christmas.

Then, while looking it over, I started to see if there were any blurbs.

For those who might not know, a blurb is defined as "a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement."

In other words, the glowing pieces of a review that are usually on movie advertisements and DVDs.

Growing up, I realized movies were duds that would seek out blurbs from obscure web sites, newspapers or TV stations in order to make their film look good.

Because if the film was truly any good, they would use blurbs from media outlets and publications that were well-known and a bit more prestigious, -like a reviewer like Jeffrey Lyons, a paper like "The New York Times", or a magazine like "Time" or "Rolling Stone">

So since "Guardians of the Galaxy" received a 90% "fresh" (positive) rating out of 227 media outlets nationwide, big and small, from coast to coast, I was surprised to see only one blurb on it's DVD.

I was even more surprised - pleasantly so, I might add - to read the blurb and - more importantly - who and where it was from.


Which is awesome!

While writing about comic books, sci-fi and martial arts films for the Philadelphia daily News, I have been blurbed by a few DC and Dynamite trades. Which was cool, even though half the time they only names the Philadelphia Daily News and not me personally.

But this was awesome to see.

For the only blurb on what could possibly be the biggest DVD of the Christmas Season - and likely the biggest DVD that of a film that was released in 2014 - to be from Alisha Grauso shows the stature both she and MoviePilot itself have in the film industry. That this has happened in such a relatively short period of time is truly wonderful.

Moviepilot is an incredible community and Alisha is a wonderful Editor-In-Chief.

I'm just glad the rest of Hollywood realizes those two things as well!


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