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The teaser trailer for Season 2 of Showtime's [Penny Dreadful](series:817319) has been released and it looks like we're in for a great follow-up season.

The actual trailer itself was a rather short 20 second spot, but it gave us an interesting quick glance at what we can expect from John Logan's Victorian themed horror series.

With Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Harry Treadaway and Danny Sapani set to reprise their roles as Vanessa, Sir Malcolm Murray, Dr. Frankenstein and Sembene, as well as guest stars like Patti LuPone and Sarah Greene, Season 2 will no doubt be amazing.

Take a look at some of the highlights, and then watch the full trailer at the bottom:

Throughout the trailer Vanessa (Eva Green) has an eery voice over

Through the short trailer Vanessa is the only character we hear speak, saying:

The time came when I learned the curse was also something of a blessing. I learned to make use of the gifts I had been given.
Will you do the same?

Sir Malcolm Murray and Victor Frankenstein also made appearances

There were some foreboding looking bloodstains

And finally some rather freaky looking fingers rising from the water

Watch the whole spooky thing here:


WIll you be tuning into Penny Dreadful Season 2?

Source: Geek Tyrant, Digital Spy


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