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Kit Simpson Browne

When it comes to fighting Superman on screen, there's never been much doubt that the best hero for the job is an orphaned billionaire playboy with sophisticated weaponry and a swanky-as-hell costume.

The big surprise in this recently released video by Mr 8866, then? That the super-rich superhero in question isn't, in fact, Batman - but Iron Man.

Yup, that's right - by utilising the mysterious cinematic wonders of editing, re-coloring and special effects, Mr 8866 has successfully created a pretty darned awesome mashed up battle between the two heroes - which you can check out for yourself right here...

Now, the general baseline awesomeness of that whole video is pretty high - what with the fact that it's a mashup of two superheroes beating the snot out of each other and all - but it's also a pretty excellent approximation of what a (sadly unlikely to ever exist) Iron Man/Superman crossover movie would look like. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, eat your heart out...

My favorite part, though? Well, that's got to be...

Kryptonite Iron Man

Who, it seems to me, might actually stand a pretty decent chance against Supes.

I mean...

Just Look at Him!


And don't even get me started on...

The Superman-Buster Armor

Which is just a seriously classy touch.

The big question, though?


Who'd win in a fight between Iron Man and Superman?



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