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When it comes to Avengers: Age of Ultron, there aren't a whole lot of things that can actually make the prospect of the movie any more exciting. After all, we're already talking about The Avengers. And Ultron. And The Vision. And Hulkbuster Armor. And, most likely, at least one surprise superhero cameo.

As superheroic extravaganzas go, then, it's about as big as it gets - at least until Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, of course...

So, to make the movie even more excitement-inducing, it'd take something pretty darned huge. Like, say, a surprise appearance from a classic Marvel villain? One who we last saw in the MCU way back in 2008's The Incredible Hulk?

Yup, that's right - Emil Blonsky, aka The Abomination.

Aka this guy.
Aka this guy.

Who, when we left him at the end of The Incredible Hulk, had just had his gamma-irradiated ass handed to him by Bruce Banner's monstrous alter ego - and seeing as Marvel seem to be doing their best to forget that the movie ever existed in the first place, that seemed to be that for Blonsky.

Except, it seems, for the fact that Tim Roth, who played the character in The Incredible Hulk, just came out and revealed that Marvel weren't quite done with the character.

Marvel Wanted The Abomination Back in the MCU

I mean, who would be?
I mean, who would be?

The only problem? The emphasis there is firmly on the "wanted." As Roth himself put it, when asked by Crave Online whether he'd be back as the villain:

"They were going to do it. They did do that. They were thinking, in The Avengers 2 or something. There was a movie we could do that at one point, but way back when. It just kind of got swept under the carpet I guess. That would be hilarious."

So, from the sounds of it, Marvel were seriously considering putting The Abomination into Avengers: Age of Ultron. The problem there being that they seem to have been considering that a while back, and have since changed their minds.

Now, on paper it's not all that surprising that Marvel were thinking about bringing The Abomination back - the reference to him in the Marvel One-Shot The Consultant suggested as much. Since then, though, they very much seem to have changed their minds - and The Abomination may just have missed his chance to return to the MCU.

Could the fact that Marvel were once considering bringing him back, though, tell us a whole lot about what we should expect from Avengers: Age of Ultron itself?

After all...

If The Abomination ISN'T Going to be in Avengers: Age of Ultron, who's going to replace him?

No, Hulk...not you.
No, Hulk...not you.

I mean, it's not as though a character like The Abomination would be thrown into the movie on a whim - the special effects alone would make him an option only if he was set to play a pivotal role.

Now, this could simply mean that he was originally being planned for a role in a very different version of Avengers: Age of Ultron, one that we might not recognize from the robot-filled sequel we're so eagerly anticipating.

It could also, though, suggest that Age of Ultron is set to feature a fairly substantial subplot - one requiring a secondary villain.

And, if so, the fact that The Abomination has been dropped from that role might just suggest that his replacement has been put there for a reason.

Like, say, to set up an upcoming superhero?

Will His Replacement Set Up the Next Marvel Hero?

Step forward, Mr Serkis...
Step forward, Mr Serkis...

The appearance of Andy Serkis in the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron surprised many of us - especially since he seems to be playing the relatively minor villain Ulysses Klaw. The most important thing there? Klaw has a key role to play in the origin of The Black Panther...

Who, we now know, is most definitely on his way to the MCU.

Is it possible that the secondary villain role originally designed for The Abomination has, instead, been given to Serkis' Klaw?

With the impending arrival of The Black Panther in the MCU, it'd make sense - as well as supporting the long-standing suspicion that the hero - or at least his alter-ego, T'Challa - will make his initial appearance in Age of Ultron. And, since Captain Marvel might just be needing an introduction too, the Panther's first bow could actually take place a whole lot earlier in the movie than anyone was expecting...

Either that, or Tim Roth is just messing with us, and The Abomination totally WILL be appearing in the movie...

What do you guys reckon, though?


Why was The Abomination dropped from Avengers: Age of Ultron?



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