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After seeing the effort it takes to squeeze Baymax's ample form into his badass suit, these costume swaps might be a bit of a challenge for Hiro, but they would all be totally worth the wriggling and wrestling!

Take a lot at the awesome Baymax costume swap fan art from around the web below and see what I mean!


Image: Maby-Chan

Part bat, part inflatable. All awesome!


Image: DeeeSkye

Who needs cheekbones?


Image: Guardian-angel-15

Baymax, I choose you!

Baymax America

Image: DeeeSkye

Move over Chris Evans, we have a new heartthrob in town!

Beymax Duck

Image: DeeeSkye

I have a feeling this incarnation of the duck with no trousers might be a tad more mild mannered. Put a ring on it quick, Daisy!

Iron Max

Image: Harousel

He's totally nailed that proud Iron stance!


Which Beymax would you take home?

(Source: Geeky Tyrant)


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