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Remember that LEGO spaceship you made from the official set back in 1995? Well, if you've still got it, throw it out the window - because it's mere existence is an insult to this really impressive piece of space-faring LEGO artistry.

LEGO afficado, Lee Jones, has made a massive block replica of Halo: Combat Evolved's Pillar of Autumn spacecraft. This thing certainly didn't come cheap, as it was the culmination of 3 and a half years work AND $7,000 worth of LEGO bricks.

The UNSC Pillar of Autumn - the Halo franchises most prominent named spacecraft - is just under a mile long in the video games, and although Jones' recreation doesn't quite match this length, it is an impressive 8ft and weighs just over 220lbs. Check it out below:


The LEGO Pillar of Autumn is...

Source: GeekTyrant


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