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With [The Walking Dead](series:201193) currently on a holiday season hiatus (until February!), no doubt a lot of you, like me, are after any tasty morsels of Walking Dead goodness that you can get your hands on!

Luckily for us, The Walking Dead is a rather expansive universe and we have not only the TV show, but the comics and video games to sate our ravenous appetites.

Check out this insane Walking Dead trivia you may not have known:

1. You can buy Daryl's crossbow

He's got to be everyones favorite walker killer, right? Well now you can become your own Daryl Dixon buy purchasing the exact same model of crossbow that he uses in the show! Apparently it's called a Horton Scout HD 125, and it will only set you back about $320, check it out here!

2. The CDC scientist was named after a real scientist!

We met Edwin Jenner way back at the end of Season 1, as the dude in the CDC who told Rick that everyone was infected. He didn't stick around for long, opting to stay inside the building, with Jackie, as it self destructed. But despite Jenner not sticking around for long, his character was very thoughtfully named after another famous scientist. English Scientist Edward Jenner was the man who was responsible for the Smallpox vaccine way back in 1798! I hope that Jenner's death in the TV show doesn't mean that any hopes of cure died with him...Let's hold out hope that France is still looking!

3. Walkers don't produce vapor

This is a bit of a weird one, but apparently walkers, in addition to not blinking, also don't breath out vapor in the cold! During filming for Season 2, episode 13, "Pretty Much Dead Already," it was a particularly cold night. In post-production the editors had to digitally remove the vapor from the mouths of walkers!

4. Remember the 'bicycle walker' back in Season 1? She has a name!

In 2011 The Walking Dead released a series of webisodes that delved into the backstory of the 'bicycle walker,' as well as two other new groups. It turns out the bicycle walkers name is Hannah and she ended up zombified after trying to escape with her two children Billy and Jamie. The more you know!

5. The geographical references in the show are usually correct

One example is that the show is filmed in and around Senoia, Georgia, and there is in fact a real town called Woodbury about 30 minutes away.

In Season 2 when the group is at the Greene farm and chatting about letting their hostage, Randall, go, Rick mentions that they'll drive up the road a while and drop him off in Senoia. This is also a pretty accurate as the real location of the Greene family is about 20 minutes from Senoia.

Take a look at this map of the real filming locations for the show for more information.

6. Some of the shops in Woodbury were open for business....In real life!

In Season 3 we saw a lot of the walled town of Woodbury. While the idyllic setting proved too good to be true in the series, the township where Woodbury was shot (Senoia, Georgia mentioned above) is a real and thriving town. In fact in many of the shots of the main road of Woodbury, most of the businesses were still open. Reddit user DumbGrunt said that during filming customers were required to enter in the back entrances, and most of the windows facing cameras were draped over (take a look at the doors behind Michonne and Andrea in the photo above).

7. Walkers outnumber the living by a huge amount

Within The Walking Dead universe the walkers outnumber the living 5,000 to one! That's a pretty huge gap! With those kind of numbers working against them its no wonder there still seems to be huge walker herds even so long after the initial outbreak.

The Walking Dead returns February 8th on AMC.


How are you passing the time until The Walking Dead comes back on air?

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