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There are hundreds of movies due for release in 2015 and I would blow up MoviePilots servers if I listed all of them so here are the films I am looking forward to this year, and some that I am not. Please note: these films are based on the American release schedule, and as ever are subject to change.




Ethan Hawke as a time travelling temporal agent in a film that sounds a little like 'Minority Report' as he attempts to prevent future killers from committing their crimes. I am building a time machine now so I can jump ahead and get an advance screening.

Inherent Vice

From the director of one of my favorite films of all time, 'Magnolia' comes this tale of a private eye caught up in a kidnapping plot, this 60's set movie is possibly the movie I am most looking forward too this month. Joaquin Phoenix stars.


Michael Mann's latest, a cybercrime thriller starring Chris Hemsworth. He may or may not be wearing a black hat, but that doesn't matter. It's Michael Mann and he never disappoints.

Project Almanac

To be honest this could be awful, a group of teens build a time machine, but the trailer intrigued me. So who knows? I tried time travelling to get to see 'Predestination' and ended up in 1993 watching 'Sister Act 2' so am afraid I can't tell you more. What I can tell you is that 'Sister Act 2' is crap.

Alien Outpost

Another film that may be a pile of tosh but it but any film with soldiers vs aliens is worth a look. Isn't it? Okay 'Battle Los Angeles' wasn't great but stop moaning and book your tickets now.


American Sniper

Based on a true story this Iraq based drama is directed by Clint Eastwood but is already gaining bad word of mouth for being a tad dull. Bradley Cooper stars. I hope the critics are wrong because no should mess with Clint. Punks!



The Seventh Son

Okay, so this has been held back from release for ages but that doesn't mean its bad does it? Ben Barnes stars as the Seventh Son (third cousin twice removed on his mother's side?) in another fantasy take on good against evil. Jeff Bridges also stars and makes even the worst movie (RIPD I am looking at you) watchable.

Jupiter Ascending

The latest from the creators of 'The Matrix' this should be a massive hit, the trailer looks ace, and Sean Bean is in it.

Kingsman: the Secret Service

Colin Firth as an umbrella carrying, ass kicking spy who recruits a kid from the streets into his secret spy organisation, this has me very excited.


Fifty Shades of Gray

Sado masochistic nonsense based on the unfathomably successful books for lonely housewives. This film should be tied and gagged and prevented from release.

Russell Madness

The story of a wrestling dog and his monkey coach this is one film that i will never ever ever ever ever watch. Never. Ever.



From the director of the brilliant 'District 9' comes this tale of an adopted son (the seventh?) to a dysfunctional family. He's also a robot. Sounds crap but will be brilliant. Promise.


The sequel to 'Divergent', this adaptation of the Veronica Roth novel continues the futuristic story set in the ruins of Chicago. Tris races against time to save the future of the world. Like her I am also Divergent. I am good at reading and writing and doing crossword puzzles.


Kenneth Branagh directs this live action feature based on the classic animated fairy tale, Lily James stars as Cinderella who, when getting drunk one night, loses her shoe. Or something like that.



Already released in the UK this Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence reteaming (after the overblown 'American Hustle') this 1920's set drama of love and murder did not set the UK box office alight.

So are you looking forward to any of those titles? Was I unfair to 'Russell Madness'? Please let me know below. Stay tuned for the next part of my preview soon.


Which film are you most looking forward too?


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