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How do you like your horror?

Well, if you like it original, indie, creepy and, most importantly, cheap, you can do a lot worse than new horror short, NOKA: Keeper of Worlds.

The short from Shaun Escayg explores the story of a strange young boy and the relationship between his recently deceased grandfather and an enigmatic pipe-smoking man. Among all of that we get plenty of impressive practical and special effects featuring some nightmarish winged beasties. Check out the trailer below:

Eight-year-old Gabriel has been treated for a rare form of schizophrenia all his life; a disease he inherited from his recently deceased grandfather. While attending his grandfather’s funeral, Gabriel encounters an old “friend of the family” who claims Gabriel and his grandfather weren’t sick at all but are instead gatekeepers for an unseen supernatural realm. Gabriel must abandon all he knows and loves to fulfill his purpose, his legacy, as a NOKA.

If you want to watch the whole thing (which lasts 23 minutes), you can rent it for 99 cents, or if you're feeling flash, you can purchase it for $1.50. Seriously, check down the back of your sofa and you'll probably find enough to treat yourself to an interesting horror movie.


NOKA: Keeper of Worlds looks...



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