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So, it seems that Warner Bros. has confirmed that we will be seeing a Standalone Flash movie , with Ezra Miller playing Barry Allen. Honestly, I think this is a great idea.

Even though I think CW is doing good with The Flash currently, I believe Warner Bros. have something up their sleeves. The Flash is not set to hit theaters until 2018, so that gives the producers of The Flash lots of time to do their own thing with Grant Gustin.

This New Ezra Miller Flash is also set to do a possible cameo, on the upcoming , long awaited, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There is a lot of commotion that this movie will be the opener to the Justice League Movie set to come out in 2017.

I have a really stunning idea that I'd like to share. As we all know currently in the CW's The Flash, they are currently portraying Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, one of the 4 flashes in the comics. I think that Warner Bros. should portray Ezra Miller as Wally West. CW is playing Barry Allen , so I think that when The Flash movie is set to come out (by then CW's Flash will most likely be done) they should follow through with letting Wally west be played in the storyline.

Of course in the Comics and in some Animated Justice League Movies, The Flash is Barry Allen, but eventually Barry Allen retires, and of course Wally West takes over as The New Flash. So, in short version, For CW , let Grant Gustin continue playing Barry Allen , then of course, hopefully, we see a cameo in Batman V. Superman, Then finally, we get to set Ezra Miller play the Wally West storyline in what will be the long awaited Flash Standalone movie.

Honestly, I cant wait for the Flash to return on Jan. 20 , Are you guys ready for the rest of the 1 season to come along?


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