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If you have been bummed out ever since the end of the classic HBO show, you're in luck -- the [Entourage](movie:631753) movie is set to be released in the Summer of 2015! The trailer doesn't give away all that much. Just a sequence of examples of the antics we've come to expect from our now infamous boys. Also, since it's a feature film, it looks like they have more freedom to do more with the movie than they could with the show. And... cameos! Check it out below:

We've got a joke about Turtle's weight loss, a mention of Drama attempting to fight his way into a role in one of Vince's movies (and seemingly failing), Ari being Ari, and overall just typical mockery of Hollywood that we've all come to love from this franchise.

Some people find this show to be misogynistic at times, and they aren't all that far off-base. However, I think the Mark Wahlberg production just highlights how a group of guys from Queens (or Boston, in the case of Wahlberg, who's life the show is loosely based on) come to Hollywood and change sometimes for the better, but often times for the worse.

Plus, regardless of where the plot goes, the most important part is that you have to love this gang of actors...

Jeremy Piven absolutely kills it as Ari

A ridiculous example of a "Super-Agent" turned studio head (and based upon Ari Emmanuel of WME), this is clearly the role Piven was built to play. He never really had all that much success in his other acting jobs, but you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who could play Ari Gold the way he can.

Adrian Grenier as the lovable Vincent Chase

Vinny Chase is a movie star. That's pretty much all you have to know about him. Adrian Grenier perfectly plays the handsome, sometimes helpless, Hollywood actor who loves his best friends and can handle the spotlight. Grenier completely nails this aloof character at almost all times.

Kevin Connolly as Vince's best friend, Eric 'E' Murphy

I'm still not sure how E managed to date Sloan, but he did it. It kind of took the same level of persistence it took for E to end up becoming Vince's manager. The most social climbing of the group, E perfectly plays Vince's sometimes annoying best friend, who tends to have Vince's best interests at heart, but also wants to piggyback off his friend's career. We all know someone like this.

Jerry Ferrara plays the most likeable bro, Turtle

Turtle probably has the best heart of the bunch. He actually has some success on his own, surprisingly, but usually needs a little help from Vince to get most of his business endeavors off the ground. It appears he lost a good deal of weight for the movie, too!

Kevin Dillon, real-life star's brother and 'Johnny Drama' on 'Entourage'

Kevin Dillon's brother is Matt Dillon, which is kind of a wink-and-nod from the show's creator. Like Dillon, Johnny Drama has to live in the shadow of his baby bro. He has an acting career of his own that was short-lived, but he still occasionally gets recognized for his role in the fictional cult-classic show 'Viking Quest.' I honestly think Kevin Dillon and Jeremy Piven make this franchise what it is. Without them, I'm not sure it would work.


So, if you're looking for high-brow entertainment complete with an interesting story arc and lots of intelligent writing, I have to be honest... I wouldn't look for the Entourage movie. But if you're looking to grab a few laughs and reminisce about one of HBO's classic comedy shows, definitely check out Entourage.


Who's your favorite member of the 'Entourage'?

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