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Above, is one of four NSFW (not safe for work) images HM&S were recently sent over from what's described as a "F**ked up Lesbian Love Story". A flick called "Mania", which is part of Filmmaker/Actress Jessica Cameron's "Kill The PA". An interactive cross-country filmmaking docu-venture, in which "Mania" acts as one of three films being shot for the piece. The other two being "Kill The PA", and the futuristic sci-fi/horror tale "Desolation". Feast your eyes on these twistedly-awesome stills from the movie, which was filmed with a Road Theme in mind.

The film takes the viewer across desert-oriented Southwestern landscapes and backdrops. All set to the twisted relationship between two young women. Tristan Risk, Ellie Church, Jordan Pacheco, and Carlo Mendez all star in the film. Which might see a release later next year, 2015 which is right around the corner. As part of "Kill The PA" at the earliest. Jessica Cameron directed the film, which is her Sophomoric effort into the foree of filmmaking. Her freshman effort... the horror/thriller pic Truth Or Dare could possibly see a 2015 release as well.

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