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By now, fans of the Star Wars franchise are pretty familiar with how the ship looks in the upcoming sequel trilogy's first installment. We've seen it quite a few times - not just in the trailer, but in youtube videos and footage taken by fan-operated drones over the film's set. Seeing the ship at this point isn't a surprise, but is always enough to evoke a smile on a fan's face, as it did when I saw it this morning in a cover story for Fortune's upcoming issue.

Along with the Falcon, Disney CEO Bob Iger stands facing the camera, with strangely menacing captions gracing the front page. Granted, everything I've heard about Iger makes him seem like a pretty stand-up guy, and 'empire' is pretty fitting when it comes to Disney's approach to franchise films.

The article details Iger's innovative approach to tech using the iconic franchises that fall under the Disney umbrella.

While there aren't many details on the article itself, the cover's preview article has some cool factoids on the Falcon and shooting the cover. Fortune also says that they're going to be releasing the first official 'close-up' photos of the modern Falcon - though it's unclear whether they simply mean this shot, or completely new photos.


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