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In Tim Burton's most subtle film yet, Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz give us Johnny and June chemistry and show us that truly, sometimes less is more.

There isn't much in this film that says 'Tim Burton', and it's hard to say if that is disappointing or refreshing. Big Eyes has no CGI of grandeur, no exotic sets or need for green screens, but what it does have in droves is heart. In a film chronicling the life of famed artist Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) and her con-man husband Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), we learn the dangers in hiding who you truly are, and the power in letting the world see it.

Amy Adams manages to reflect the sharp yet quiet personality of Margaret Keane, approaching the performance with such care and purpose. Seeing Keane's paintings with such sadness in their eyes make you long for her liberation as much as she does. When Christoph Waltz makes his appearance, you fall in love as fast as Margaret does, his smooth words and soft touches are hard to resist. The chemistry between them is the magic you are used to in a Tim Burton film. Absolutely nothing else is. Tim Burton is an incredible filmmaker, and to see such a simple film come from his hands will leave Burton fans shell-shocked and they may find it hard to swallow. My recommendation would be to go into Big Eyes forgetting Burton's name is even attached, I think you might enjoy it much more.

In the empty spaces of digital enhancements, Amy Adams & Christoph Waltz fill them with Oscar worthy performances, full of life and the struggle it is just to live it. Though Margaret's big eyed children may make you feel sad and disparaged, but the film will leave you encouraged and feeling alive. It's a must see this holiday season, and hey Tim, I think I'm liking your new direction, sometimes less is more, and in this case, it certainly was.

Make sure to catch Big Eyes is in theatres now.


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